June 2022 Monthly Wrap Up

Welcome to the June 2022 edition of our Monthly Wrap Up. Our Monthly Wrap Up Webinar was held on Thursday 7th July at 11 am AEST, going through our new updates in our different products. You can view the recording below.

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Government Enrolments Page Re-Design 

We are excited to release our brand-new Government Enrolments page! The innovative design of the Government Enrolments page is more user-friendly. It will unlock Xplor’s ability to create more features in the future, so we can continue to improve your experience with Office. You can view information about Government Enrolments here. You can read the full support article here.



Allergies, Dietary Requirements and Religion fields 

  • Free Text—We are updating the allergies, dietary requirements and religion fields to allow both admin and parent/guardian users to enter free text.  
  • Simplified List—The allergies and dietary requirements dropdown list will be simplified.  
  • Additional Allergy Information—We have re-labelled the “Allergies by Choice” to “Additional Allergy Information” to allow parents/guardians to add additional information related to their child’s allergies. 

You can read the support article for this here. This has been updated in the following areas of Office: 

  • Child’s Office profile 
  • Custom and non-custom enrolment form  
  • Custom and non-custom re-enrolment form 


Statement Billing Window Update Tool 

We released a brand-new tool where you will be able to update your service’s statement billing window. This will be useful for services that update their billing window regularly. You can read the full support article here.

By default, this will only be available to users with provider-level permissions. 

Child Attachments Update 

We have updated the child attachments page. We have given this page an uplift to allow users to edit the expiry date. Previously, an expiry date was required for each attachment. This field is now optional and will automatically be empty for enrolment and re-enrolment form attachments so that you only receive relevant alerts in the Expiring Attachments widget.  



Additional Master Roll Filters and Health Icons

We added two filters and child health icons to the Master Roll: Medical Conditions and Prescribed Medication. These filters and icons will make it easier for you to navigate and identify children with medical conditions and/or children with prescribed medication.