Child Profile Tab

This article will outline everything administrators need to know about the Profiles: Children Tab on the Office platform.


This article outlines the use for child profiles that currently exist on the Office platform, if you are wanting to know how to enrol or add a child profile, please see New Child Enrolment

Updating Profiles

You are able to Update an individual child or multiple children's Room / Grade / Class / School / Default Transport List through this screen.

  1. Select the child/ren that you are wanting to make changes to by ticking next to their name on the left side of the page
  2. Select Update to the top right of the screen
  3. Select one, some or all of Room / Grade / Class / School / Default Transport List
  4. In each fields drop down, select the new information to be linked
  5. Once completed select Update
  6. Done



Customise Column View
  1. Click on the 3 vertical dots next to the Filter option
  2. Select Edit Columns
  3. Tick the columns you which to have visible
  4. Select apply
  5. Done



Filter Profiles

You can apply  filters to the dashboard to change the types of children you are viewing by

  • Age Range
  • Creation
  • Date
  • Status
  • Room
  • Grade
  • Class
  • School
  • Default Transport List

To apply:

  1. Select the Filter option to the right of the search bar
  2. In this screen filter using one, some or all of the fields mentioned above
  3. Once completed select Apply


Quick Links

In this tab, you have the option to right click on a profile to complete additional actions.

  1. Navigate to the child's name
  2. Right click (control click on a Mac device) on their first or last name 
  3. From this menu select your chosen action View Profile / Clone / Update. For waitlist children, administrators will have an Enrol option.
  4. To learn more about the Re Enrolment process, please see this guide: How to Re-Enrol a Child.    



In this tab, you can export your child profiles in the following formats:

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • PDF


Please visit the contact reports section in our Reports in Office article for further details on the report options.