CCS Enrolment Troubleshooting

Key processes need to be completed by your centre in order to correctly set up and manage government enrolments including:

However you may see error messages or actions needed to be taken by parents, which can delay or stall the enrolment process.


Government Error Messages

Please see the table below for a summary of what each error message means and what to do if you come across these error messages.


Error message Reason What to do 
"Government error message: Individual CRN and DOB do not exist"  The government does not have a record in their system of the primary carer and/or the child’s DOB or CRN details that is on Office. This means either the primary carer and/or child’s CRN or DOB is incorrect in Office.   The best way to verify if these details are correct is by obtaining a screenshot from MyGov/letter from Centrelink from the primary carer which confirms the DOB/CRN details. The primary carer or child’s DOB and/or CRN needs to be updated on their Office profile (Profiles > Parent/Guardians > Save). Once this has been updated, allow up to 24 hours for the CCS enrolment to be updated. 
"Government error message: Child CRN and DOB do not exist" The government does not have a record in their system of the child’s DOB and/or CRN details, as displayed on the child’s profile.  The best way to verify if these details are correct is by obtaining a screenshot from MyGov/letter from Centrelink from the primary carer which confirms the child's DOB/CRN details. The child’s DOB and/or CRN need to be updated on their profile (Profiles > Children > Save). Once this has been updated, allow up to 24 hours for the CCS enrolment to be updated.
“Government error message: Duplicated session Content/Overlapping sessions Not Permitted” The parent has agreed to a CWA which has overlapping session times on the enrolment schedule. Open up “View Parent Approval” to double check the approved enrolment schedule.  Update the enrolment schedule to ensure that there are no overlapping sessions by clicking on Update Enrolment Schedule”.Get the parent to agree to the CWA again. 
Government error message: Arrangement start or end date falls within prior Enrolment period A new enrolment has been created for a child which is within a previous CCS enrolment with the same child/parent details.Click on “All” on the top right corner of the Government Enrolments page. The new enrolment may be overlapping with a ceased or an active enrolment. Check “View Occurrences” on the enrolment and look at the latest occurrence date, and check the date the parent signed the approval. You will receive this error message if these two dates overlap.  If the child does not have an active CCS enrolment and is needing one, create a new CCS enrolment, and get the parent to agree to it. The new start date will be the date the parent agrees to the CWA so ensure that this does not overlap with the previous occurrence date.If you need to update the new enrolment start date, please see: Backdating a CCS Enrolment Start Date
CCS Enrolment submission error: "Could not generate Credentials for service reg 190001234A" B2B device has expired.  Reactivate B2B via PRODA. See this article for more help: B2B Device Activation Codes.
"CCS Enrolment submission error: "Government error message: Enrolment Notice must differ to previous Enrolment Notice for '200D". This means that a new enrolment was created with the same exact information and enrolment schedule as an active CCS enrolment. This error means that the second enrolment will not go through. This error message is not affecting the existing “Confirmed” enrolment or the future submissions.To fix this, click "Update Enrolment Schedule" on the grey "Confirmed" enrolment (whether or not there are changes to the original enrolment schedule), and get the parent to agree to it. This second enrolment will eventually disappear, along with the error message.
Government error message: Cannot Change Date of Birth/CRN existing Enrolment This means that a parent’s CRN or DOB has been changed on a parent’s profile. This normally happens when users try to change primary carer’s by simply replacing the current primary profile with the new primary details instead of creating a new profile for the new primary carer. This is not the correct way to change primary carer for a child.To prevent this from occurring in the future, please ensure you are completing primary carer change process correctly. Refer to this article for more information: Primary Carer Change Please get in contact with Support. This will likely need to be escalated to our tech team. 
CCS Enrolment submission error: Error - "Not all parent approvals agreed" This normally occurs when the child has more than one child profile with different primary carer’s (e.g. one profile under mother, and another profile under the father), and at least one CWA is missing approval from one of the primary carers.  Please ensure all primary carers on each child’s profile have approved their CWAs.
CCS Enrolment submission error: Error - "no valid casual sessions" This means that the child does not have any future bookings on the Master Roll within the next 4 weeks.  Please wait until you can confirm the child’s first booking. This error message should be resolved once a booking has been created on the Master Roll for the child in near the future.  
CCS Enrolment submission error: "Government error message: Duplicate Enrolment - Enrolment ID: E800xxxxxxx" The child has a duplicate CCS enrolment in the government system which is preventing a new enrolment from being created.  Please get in contact with Support. This will likely need to be escalated to our tech team. 
CCS Enrolment submission error: Error - "can't generate draft: no valid gov enrolments" The CWA has not linked up to the government enrolment correctly.

Check that the CWA has been signed under 'view parent approval'. If it has been signed, on the government enrolment click '+actions' > submit draft enrolment 

Missing sessions for week 1 and no valid casual sessions This means the child does not have a 4-week routine session in the Master Roll.

If the child attends casually, select the "Casual" option along the top of the new CCS Enrolment and enter a session time and fee that resembles the casual sessions the child will attend.

If the child has a routine booking pattern, enter this on the Master Roll for at least the next 4 weeks.

Disputed Enrolments

Amending a CCS Enrolment

Before making any changes to the CCS Enrolment, please discuss first with the parent and if you're unsure about anything in relation to the perspective changes, consult the CCS Help Desk.

When the Primary Carer actions the CCS Enrolment task in MyGov, they have the option to Confirm or Dispute the details of the enrolment.

Under "Are these enrolment details correct?", if the Primary Carer clicks "No", the enrolment will come back to the service as "Disputed". At this point, the Primary Carer must discuss the correct details of the child's enrolment with the service.


How to resolve a disputed enrolment?

Option 1: Incorrect enrolment schedule

Option 2: Incorrect Start Date

Option 3: Accidentally Disputed

If the Parent Approved CWA has the incorrect Enrolment Schedule (fees, session days and times):
Child Care Subsidy > CCS Enrolment > Search for the child > Click on + Actions > Update Enrolment Schedule.

Have the parent accept the CWA again, then confirm in MyGov.

Legally, the CCS enrolment start date is the date the parent had first agreed to the CWA which may be different to the child's physical start date.
The start date can be backdated with a valid reason.

Click on +Actions > Update Enrolment Start Date.

Have the parent confirm in MyGov.

For the parent to confirm the enrolment, a pending confirmation task must be created in the MyGov app.

To create this task, you can click on +Actions > Update Enrolment Start Date.

Leave the start date as is, it will be the original start date or date the CWA was confirmed.

You'll need to provide a valid reason prior to updating.

Missing Approvals

CWA: Missing Approval

The 'MISSING APPROVAL' pill means that Office does not have an electronic record of a child's approved CWA.


You may come across this warning when a child has a confirmed CWA enrolment, but Office does not have a record of an approved CWA.

  • This will occur if your service has previously managed CWA's from a previous software provider
  • If your service has previously managed CWA's via paper 

As long as you have a record of this elsewhere, it is not necessary to have CWA's signed. If you do not, it is highly advised that the CWA's are signed via Home. 


Dismiss ‘Missing Approval’ warning in CCS enrolments

From August 19th 2022 - Admins can now dismiss the “Missing Approval” warning on the Government Enrolments page. This is possible if your service has a record of a Complying Written Agreement (CWA) signed by a parent outside of Xplor and the child has an existing CCS enrolment notice.

The CWA will still be available for the parent to sign on the Home App or Web. You can also turn the warning back on if you later decide you prefer to have a CWA signed via Xplor.

This feature makes the Government Enrolments page simpler to view, so you can focus on the warnings that require your attention.

This release is part of a project of simplifications we’re introducing for the entire CWA process for both Office users and parents.

Note: This update still requires a CWA to be signed for a child needing a brand new CCS enrolment notice.


No CCS: Missing Approval


If the child's CCS enrolment says "NO CCS" and "MISSING APPROVAL", it means that the child does not have an active enrolment at all. Please create a CCS enrolment for this child if the family wishes to claim CCS.


Missing CWA Report for all Children

You can view a list of outstanding CWA parent approvals in report format, to easily determine which parents need to approve their CWAs from the Parent Portal in Home. This will include CWAs that have been sent out on active enrolments.

To view this report:

  • Reports > CCS Reports > Service - Level CCS > Select A Report > Missing CWA Approvals > Generate.

This will open as a CSV file in Excel and have a list of all children with an outstanding CWA.