CCS Payments

CCS Estimates and CCS Payments are not the same. 

To receive Child Care Subsidy payments on behalf of families for a given week, you must have current provider and service approvals and have submitted an enrolment and a session report for the eligible children. Payments are made directly into the your nominated bank account, and you will receive a payment advice with details of decisions about (determinations of) entitlements, calculations and payments.


When a session report has been processed and a determination of entitlement made, you will receive a notification of the payment. This payment advice will be sent at the same time as the payment is dispatched and will indicate:

  • calculation and determination of entitlement
  • offsets (amounts taken as payment towards a debt owed) and withholding amounts
  • total payments to be made to the provider
  • any payments being made direct to the individual.

You can also view the entitlements that have been calculated for each child in various areas of Office:

Master Roll

Final CCS payments will appear as a lighter green pill on the Master Roll. Once the estimate has been paid, the colour of the ccs pill on the master roll will change to light green.



Parent Account Statements

Payments will appear as a line item 'Weekly CCS subsidy' in the transactions list.


These are also available to view in the CCS Summary section of the Parent Account Statement.


CCS Payment Reports

To generate a report of the payments for a week, head to Reports > CCS Reports > Service-Level CCS > CCS Payments > Select the week > Generate CCS Payments report.


The report will include the CCS clearing numbers, dates, enrolment IDs, children names, dollar amounts amongst other reporting details. You can find out more about the report here: CCS Payments Report

Missing CCS Payments

If a child at your service is missing CCS subsidy, please follow image below to troubleshoot. It is recommended that you download the PDF file for better resolution and to have quick access to the different links provided. 



CCS Troubleshooting.pdf

Payments made to Families

Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy are paid to providers to pass on to parents as a fee reduction. However, there are circumstances where Child Care Subsidy or Additional Child Care Subsidy is paid to parents.

Where care is provided before the parent has had their eligibility and entitlement assessed, any backdated Child Care Subsidy amounts are paid directly to the parent once Centrelink confirms their eligibility. This is because it is expected they will have already paid full child care fees to their provider for this period. Subsequent subsidy amounts will be paid to the provider.

If the service decides to not charge the family full fees while the family's entitlement to Child Care Subsidy is being assessed, the service is responsible for recovering any unpaid amounts from the family.

Direct payments to parents can also occur when changes in circumstances directly affect the family's entitlement to Child Care Subsidy.