Training Sessions

If you have accessed all the training resources available with Xplor and are still finding processes difficult to understand or execute at your centre, you can book in a time with a Training Specialist at Xplor.

The Training Team currently use Calendly to book and manage these sessions and Microsoft Teams to connect with you online.


There are currently three different types of training offerings available and you can click through on each title to book in a session with the Training Team:

This session provides a detailed overview of our Office product including the opportunity to refine processes around managing bookings on the Master Roll, scheduled payments and parent statements and reporting functionality.

Playground sessions are designed around the product your centre is using; Playground App, Playground Web or Playground Combined.

If centres have templates they are currently using which they would like replicated in Playground Web, we can also work alongside them on how best to create these.

Whilst this session is not a replacement for internal staff training or professional development, it can be used to help your centre understand what processes can be completed in this product and how this best fits with your centre's compliance and programming needs.

In response to our change in pricing plans and Custom Enrolment Forms being a standard option now, this session is designed to help your centre recreate a pre-existing paper or digital enrolment form using Xplor’s Office product.

Clients will need to provide a copy of their intended form via email BEFORE attending this session.

If the centre is able to meet this requirement prior to their session, the Training team can complete a copy of their enrolment form ahead of time and use this session to review the changes. Centres can also review how the toolbox is used to create questions, a brief introduction to HTML coding as well learn how to best order and word pre-existing mandated questions.

To address the limited exposure admins have of the parent experience in Home, we offer a 30 minute training session specifically designed for centre staff and admins on what Home App and Web look like, as your families see it.

This session is designed to show admins areas, menus and actions that parents will see and navigate when completing key processes such as signing their CWAs, updating bank details and viewing health and learning data.