New Child Enrolment



This article will cover everything an administrator needs to know to enrol a new child into their service.

Creating and Managing your Waitlist


As part of the Office platform, you are provided access to manage digital enrolments and waitlists for new children in the service.

Adding Children to the Waitlist

Parents can be sent a waitlist form. This is a trimmed down online form primarily used to capture registrations of interest from families. It contains less questions so that families can register more quickly. 

To send out the waitlist link:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Navigate to Service Settings
  3. Select the service for multiple service providers
  4. Navigate to Enrolment tab
  5. Highlight, copy and paste the Waitlist Link into an email for parent
  6. Done

Note: To add a waitlist button to a service website, use the Waitlist Button Script in your website code.


Once completed, children will have a profile created in the Office system. This can be viewed through Profiles: Children and either filter to view waitlist only or search the individual child's name.

Enrol your Waitlisted Children

To view your waitlist:

  1. Navigate to Profiles: Children
  2. Filter by Waiting Status at the top of the list
  3. Once you are ready to accept the enrolment, right click on the specific child's name (Control Click if using a Mac device) and select Enrol (ensure there is a parent linked with an email address before this step) mceclip0.png
  4. The primary carer will be sent an email with a link to complete the enrolment form for their child
  5. Once they have completed the enrolment form, you will receive an email notification for this and the enrolment form will be attached to the child's profile. All details completed by the parents will also populate in the child profile automatically.
  6. The profile will move to active based on the start date in the child's profile
  7. Done

To view and manage your current waitlisted children

To generate a waitlist report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Service Reports > Waitlist
  2. This will generate a report of all the children that are currently under the "Waitlist" status and you can sort the children by created date. The date range set when generating the report will pick up any children that have their start date set to within that date range. 
  3. You can also view children quickly via the Profiles section in the dashboard. Profiles > Children > Filter by "Waiting" Status.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. I do not see the Enrol button for the child despite filtering to the Waiting status.
    This is most likely because the primary carer for the child does not have an email address saved against their profile.
  2. Where does the child profile go once they are enrolled?
    The child will still remain as "Waitlist" until you change their enrolment status in the child profile
  3. How do I sort the children in the order that they have been put into the Waitlist?
    The child can be sorted by Created Date in the Profiles section or in the Wait List report
  4. When will the parent receive their welcome email?
    The parent will receive their login details once the service changes the child status from Waitlist too Active. If the child is already in Active status, they will receive their login once you enter an email address against the parent profile and click Save.

Note:  The child will appear on the Master Roll in line with their scheduled start date on their child profile regardless of the status (Active, Waitlist)

Selecting "No" on "Invite Parents/Families" through Settings > Service Settings > Enrolments does not stop the child appearing on the Master Roll, this will only prevent the Welcome email being sent to the parent/guardians on the child's account and prevents the child moving from Waitlist to Active. To prevent children from populating on the Master Roll, you will need to update the projected start date in their profile.

Adding Child Profile with an Enrolment Form


Use the Office digital enrolment form to send to parent/guardians when enrolling at the service. 

There are two types of enrolment forms available:

  1. Standard enrolment form
  2. Custom enrolment form (only available on the Office Core and Essential packages) 

With a digital enrolment form, you will no longer have to manually input enrolment data as the form is inbuilt into your Xplor Office system and will feed completed form data back to your desktop by creating a new child profile.

  • Office provides services with a URL link that they can email to the new parents.
  • When parents click on the URL, it will open an enrolment form which they can fill in. Once completed, it will automatically create a profile for the child at the service and will send an email notification of enrolment completion to the centre admin


Services with the enrolment form in their package, will be able to send the Enrolment Form link to families directly via email or have the ability to integrate this link into their services website or CRM system (please speak with your service provider on how to do this). Families will have 7days to complete the enrolment form from the date of receiving the email, or from when they start the form if through a website link. The link will expire after the 7day period. 

Once the form is completed the details will be uploaded into the services Xplor Office system, generating a new Child Profile, all data will be based on the information the parent entered through the enrolment form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know if a new enrolment has been completed?

Once a parent completes the online enrolment form, an email and a copy of the enrolment form will be sent to the email address found on the service profile.

Where are the enrolment forms stored?
All completed enrolment forms and their attachments are stored under the "Attachments" tab on the child's profile.

If a parent completes the enrolment form, does that mean they are enrolled immediately?
The parent and child will be active from the intended start date the parent sets on their enrolment form. However, if this is set in the past, the child profile will need to be manually moved form waitlist to active. Once this start date rolls over, the child begins to appear on the Master Roll. If you wish to use a waitlist, you can find more information in the above section of this article.

Will the parent get access to Home once they submit the enrolment form?
Not immediately. The parent will only receive their welcome email if the child is made "Active" at a service. This will automatically occur on the start date that the parent sets or if this is manually updated on the child profile. In the welcome email the parent will be prompted with steps on how to set up login information in Home. If the parent does not receive this email, you can find steps to resend it here.

What is the difference between Waitlist Form & Enrolment Form?
While they both function similarly, the waitlist form is a trimmed down online form primarily used to capture registration of interests from families. It contains less questions so that families can register more quickly. Find more information on the waitlist form through the above tab in this article. 

Can I link the online enrolment form to my website?
Yes, to assist with this we have provided a script that you can provide your website administrator. The script can be found in the same section of the enrolment link, in the 'Enrolment Button Script' box.


Is the online enrolment link unique for every parent?
The enrolment link is unique to the service. However when sending the enrolment form to families, each family will fill out their specific details making it their unique form. 

How do we show our service's availability in the enrolment form?
The Office Waitlist/Enrolment Form has been designed to protect your service's enrolments from data mining, by limiting how your availability is presented to your parents or to your competitors trying to gauge how vacant you are. As such, this information is not made available in the online enrolment form. 

Can a parent complete the online enrolment form on their mobile phone?
The online enrolment form has been optimised to be able to display correctly on various different platforms such as desktop and mobile. However, it is advised to complete the enrolment form on Google Chrome Web Browser and filling in forms tends to be easier on the computer.

The online enrolment form doesn't suit our needs. Can you create a custom one for us?
Custom enrolment forms are available for those on the Office Core and Essential packages. If you are not sure what package you are on, or would like to upgrade, please get in contact with Support.


Adding/Updating Enrolment Details

Each service is encouraged to set the a child's enrolment details as soon as the child is created in Office to avoid enrolment or submission delays.

Checking Enrolment Details

  1. Navigate to Profiles: Children
  2. Select the Child
  3. Under Child Account make updates to Basic Information, Cultural Background and Health Details if required then
  4. Navigate to Enrolment Details
  5. In this section please fill in the below details:


  • Child CRN: This is made up of a 9 numbers and 1 capital letter. Parents can find this saved in MyGov for their child. When adding it to the child profile, ensure all spaces are omitted.
  • Child Date Of Birth
  • Enrolment Start Date: This is the date the child will be starting at the service. The child will appear on the Master Roll from this date. Bookings cannot be created before the enrolment start date.
  • If a child is waitlisted, the Enrolment Start Date is the date the child will automatically switched over to Active (and the Parent/Guardian will automatically receive a login password if they have an email saved in their profile)
  • Enrolment End Date: If a child is Active, the Enrolment End Date is the date the child will automatically switch to Inactive. Bookings cannot be created after the Enrolment End Date. It will automatically defaults to 1/1/2050 if a different date isn't set
  • Room Name: Please select a default Room for the child to be enrolled in. Bookings can still be created for the child in other rooms. This is mainly used for reporting purposes.
  • Multi Child (siblings): The number of siblings the child has in approved care, even if not in the same service or provider. This was relevant under the CCMS system, but is now only for reporting purposes.
  • Status: Waitlisted: child has not yet enrolled or has completed the enrolment form but not yet started
    Active: child will appear on the Master Roll
    Inactive: child is archived

Note: Be sure to Save after updating any settings at the bottom of the page.

Adding a Child Profile without an Enrolment Form 

Create a Child Profile


To manually input a child's profile:

  1. Navigate to Profiles: Children
  2. Select the blue Add button in the top right hand corner of the page
  3. This will generate a blank profile page where you can enter known information on their profile,
  4. Press Save (you can save even if the profile is incomplete or will need to be completed later).
  5. Done

Note: If you need guidance adding information, please review the above tab Adding/Updating a Child Profile.

  • For children claiming CCS, please make sure the CRN, DOB and name are entered (CRN must contain 9 numbers and a capital letter e.g. 123456789C)
  • If you are just entering in a child's details in preparation for a future enrolment date you can select 'waitlist' to put them on the waitlist or 'inactive' if they are not currently active at your service. The profile will automatically become active once the Enrol. Start Date comes to pass. 
Link an Existing Parent/Guardian to a Child Profile

Link a Primary Carer to the child


  1. Navigate to Profiles: Children
  2. Select the Child
  3. Navigate to the Parent/Guardian tab
  4. Click Link Existing Parent (to add details of a parent who already has a profile/email registered at the service)
  5. Search for the parents name through the search bar to the top right of the window
  6. Under the actions column select Link Parent
  7. If this parent is to the be the Primary Carer, tick the primary carer box to the bottom left of their profile
  8. Select Save on the bottom right of the screen
  9. Done

Note: You must select a primary carer on the child's account or this information will not cement to the profile.

Create a Parent/Guardian Profile through Child Profile


To create a new parent profile through the Child Profile screen:

  1. Navigate to Profiles: Children
  2. Select the Child
  3. Navigate to the Parent/Guardian tab
  4. Click Create New Parent (to add details for an entirely new parent at your service)
  5. Populate their details based on the information provided to you at the service
  6. Press Save
  7. If this parent is to the be the Primary Carer, tick the primary carer box to the bottom left of their profile
  8. Select Save on the bottom right of this screen
  9. Done

Note: You must select a primary carer on the child's account or this information will not cement to the profile.

Adding/ Editing/ Deleting Emergency Contacts

Through this tab, administrators will be able to view and add emergency contacts for individual children.

To Add an emergency contact:

  1. Under Add Emergency Contact enter the details as provided by the parent/guardian
  2. Once completed select Add to the bottom right of the screen
  3. Done

To Edit an emergency contact:

  1. Navigate to the Emergency Contact tab under a child's profile
  2. Next to the emergency contact, select the blue Edit button
  3. Make edits to this contact
  4. Once complete, select Save
  5. Done


To Delete an emergency contact:

  1. Navigate to the Emergency Contact tab under a child's profile
  2. Next to the emergency contact, select the red Delete button
  3. Confirm by selecting Ok
  4. Done


Add Attachments

All document records can be added as an attachment to the children's profiles. This may include immunisation records, scans of enrolments forms, or any other relevant files. 

To add these:

  1. Ensure the attachment is saved on the device being utilised
  2. Navigate to the Attachments Tab under in the child's profile
  3. Select Add New
  4. Name the document through the Title option
  5. Enter an Expiry date. Note: This date will feed into your Expiring Attachments Data on the Dashboard.
  6. Press Select and navigate to the file on your device, once located select Open Note: The document will appear on the page, if incorrect select Change and navigate to the correct file.
  7. Once complete, select Add
  8. Done

Apply a Discount

Navigate to our Discounts article for everything you need to know about applying a discount to a new enrolment.

Primary Carer Change

Please see this article if the incorrect Primary Carer was assigned.

Primary Carer Change

Enrolment Records in Office: Compliance Records

Under the Department of Education and Training's enrolment record requirements (set out under the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 (National Law), the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 (National Regulations)), childcare centres must maintain enrolment records for every child enrolled at their service.

This list shows the details required to be held in a child's enrolment record by law.

The online digital enrolment link allows all requisite child and family details to be entered directly into a child's profile by their parent/guardian upon enrolment. This profile serves as a cloud-based enrolment record that can be accessed by any computer. A copy of the enrolment form is also attached to the profile of each child created via the enrolment link.

What if a child is created via Office by the administrator or migrated from another software?

Even if a child is not created via the enrolment link, the child's profile serves as the legally required enrolment record. By law these records must be stored until the end of 3 years after the last date on which a child attended care. In Office enrolment records are maintained for inactive children so that they are always accessible if need be.

Deleting a Child Profile

We do not delete children from the Office platform, rather, we make them Inactive.

Deleting children is a common question from administrators, educators and parents, who understandably want to be able to remove information.

Often this request occurs when:

  • A child is no longer enrolled at a service;
  • Admin have duplicated entries for a child;
  • An enrolment form was completed more than once or;
  • A child account was cloned by accident.

In order for us to be compliant as a child care administrative software, deleting an account data is not possible.

Why? We have a duty of care to our clients past and present, and part of this duty is to maintain a record of their time. This is in our clients interests because if they ever needed evidence of their enrolment at a service or other data, we would be able to provide it.

Note: We do not store data for our own use, it is because we are obliged to keep a record in order to perform our duties as a company.

Instead we recommend making the account INACTIVE. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Child Profile
  2. Under Enrolment Details, change the start date to be in the past (yesterday at the earliest) and the end date to be todays date
  3. Change the status to be inactive
  4. Save

Additionally to the above, Xplor recommends the following:

  • Add Inactive - to the child's first name to easily identify this as the inactive profile
  • Remove the child's date of birth
  • Remove the CRN of the child

Administrators can remove further details with family requests also, such as:

  • Contact numbers
  • Billing info
  • Addresses
  • Specific information about the child and names
  • All can be removed off a profile, amongst other things

NOTE:  DO NOT inactivate a child who has not had all their subsidy paid. This could cause them to lose or be ineligible to receive back paid subsidy.