Parent and Guardians Profiles


This article will outline everything administrators need to know about the Profiles: Parent and Guardians Tab on the Office platform.

Note: this article outlines the use for parent and guardian profiles that currently exist on the Office platform and how to create a new parent/guardian account however, if you are wanting to know how to link parent/guardians to a child profile, please visit the Child enrolment article. 

Profile: Parent and Guardians Screen


Under the Parents and Guardians Menu, you will be able to access an entire list of all your parent profiles registered to your service. 

You will be able to:

  • Search all your existing parent profiles in this tab,
  • Add new parent profiles
  • Delete old parent profiles
  • Filter this list by three different types of parent profile statuses. This can help you figure out which profiles are being used and/or which profiles are 'floating' without being connected to any children.
    • 'Linked' means that the parent profile is connect to a child's profile at your service.
    • 'Unlinked' means that the parent profile is not connected to any child profile at your service.
    • 'Linked at another service' means that the parent profile is linked to another child under a different service under your provider (*This option is only available to providers with multiple services*)
  • 'P' means the parent is a primary carer.

Search Existing Parents

Using the search bar to look up a parent - enter their first or last name. 

How to Add a new parent

Please see tab below for details on adding a new parent profile.

How to delete an old parent profile

  1. Navigate to Profiles: Parents and Guardians Menu
  2. Search Parent name
  3. Click Delete button under the actions column next to the parent name
  4. The profile will either ask you to confirm the deletion and confirm this has been successful, or it will will show a pop-up message at the top of the screen that reads Parent cannot be deleted
  5. Done

Note: You cannot delete Parents/Guardians that are Primary Carer or currently linked to a child/children's profile. 

How to Filter 

Under Status, select the filter to apply:

  1. 'Linked' means that the parent profile is connect to a child's profile at your service.
  2. 'Unlinked' means that the parent profile is not connected to any child profile at your service.
  3. 'Linked at another service' means that the parent profile is linked to another child under a different service under your provider (*This option is only available to providers with multiple services*)
  4. 'P' means the parent is a primary carer.
Manually Create Parent/Guardian Profile

How to add a new parent profile to your service

  1. Navigate to Profiles: Parents and Guardians 
  2. To the top right select Add Parent/Guardian(blue button top right)
  3. In the blank profile enter the parent details
  4. Click save at the bottom of the page once completed
  5. Done

Invite Email

It's important to note that the Welcome Email will expire after 7 days. If have parents that have not set their password from the email after 7 days, you should reinvite these parents. 

Resending to All Parents:


  1. Navigate to Profiles: Parents and Guardians 
  2. Search through Status and select Linked
  3. Select Invite Parent/Guardian button (top, right-hand side of the page)
  4. Select All Parents & Guardians
  5. Done

This will send the welcome to all the linked parents who have not yet received the Welcome email.

Resending to Selected Parents:


  1. Navigate to Profiles: Parents and Guardians 
  2. Navigate to the Parent/Guardian
  3. Tick the box next to the parents name on the left
  4. Select Invite Parent/Guardian button (top, right-hand side of the page)
  5. Select Selected Parents & Guardians
  6. Done

Troubleshooting: If parents are not receiving the email

  • Check that the parent's email is saved correctly on their profile. If not, update this and try resending the email using the steps above.
  • Please let the parent know to check the junk email inbox as well. 

If you have ongoing issues please get in touch with support. 

Check which parents have/haven't signed up

  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Service Reports
  3. Select Active Parent Report
  4. Select Preview or Download CSV
  5. A parent should have Login Password Set = Yes. They should also have an email under the "Login Email". Anyone that has Login Password Set = No, has not yet signed up to Xplor. Anyone that has no email under profile email - does not have an email in their Xplor Profile, and therefore would not have received an invitation. 
  6. Done
Parent/ Guardian Profile Tab


Through this screen administrators are able to update a Parent/Guardian account. Under Basic Information, Contact information and Work details, administrators can enter or remove information from the account. Once completed they must press the blue save button to the bottom right of this page for the account to update in the system.


On the screen, administrators will also be able to see if a parent has saved login credentials (they are linked to the service and can sign into the Home App). If the Login Information is grey (as below) then the parent will need to be reissued their welcome email to action. 



Scheduled Payments Settings Tab

Creating and Updating Scheduled Payment Plans for Parents

The Scheduled Payment Settings tab allows administrators to create or manage individual parent accounts payment plans.

Note: All new primary carers will be inputted to the default payment schedule of Thursday weekly when they first input their payment details. Administrators will need to adjust this to align with their payment schedule. 

  1. Navigate to Profiles: Parents and Guardians
  2. Filter to Primary Carers under status
  3. Select the parent profile
  4. Select Scheduled Payment Settings tab from the top right tab in the profile


  • Only active primary carer's can add billing details through their account. 
  • Administrators cannot add or edit banking information themselves.
  • Administrators are the only people who can update the payment plans: e.g. Day the payment is taken out and for how much each week, fortnightly or monthly.
  • If you wish to change something service wide please contact support.  

How to check if parents have saved bank details


  1. Navigate to the parent profile
  2. Select Scheduled payment settings tab
  • "Payment Details Saved" will say "Yes" or "No" to indicate if the parent has saved their details
  • "Details Saved" will indicate the date and time the parent had saved their payment details
  • Go to Reports > Service Reports > No Bank Details to get an overall summary of which parents have not saved their details across your entire service
  • Refer parents to this article for instructions to save their payment details: Parent Instructions: Adding Bank Details

Checking Current Payment Plans


  • At the time of onboarding with Xplor - administrators will need to discuss their chosen payment plan and the onboarding team can align all current parents to this, all new parents will be on the the default payment plan is weekly on a Thursday and administrators will need to amend this if their centre bills on a different frequency/day.
  • There can only be one active payment plan at any given time
  • The current plan will be recorded as "Active" in the "Status" column
  • "Inactive" payment plans are previous payment plans
  • The "Active" payment plan will be replaced by the most recent "Upcoming" payment plan from the "Start Week" (please note: please ensure that the start week always falls on a Monday. Otherwise, payments will not be generated for the first week. You can always select the payment day to be a different day.

Creating a new Payment Plan



Monthly (the scheduled payment will come out on the week of the date set)

Payment Day

Day that parent will be charged

Start Week 

Effective start date. Please note: this can only be the Monday of the week.

Direct Debit Limit

Parent will never automatically be charged more than this amount. 

Fixed Amount

Parent will always be charged the inputted fixed amount, even if their balance is less than the fixed amount. This is normally not recommended unless absolutely necessary.

 Press Save once completed.

Pausing a Payment Plan


  1. Navigate to Profiles: Parents and Guardians
  2. Select the parent profile
  3. Select scheduled Payment settings tab
  4. Scroll down to Pause Payments Note: Pausing payment plans will prevent automatic scheduled payments from being generated between the "Start Date" and "End Date". You can still generate a one time payment for this period if necessary. 
  5. The system will only allow you to select a start date in a future week. If you need to stop a payment in the current week - you will need to reject the payment first. 
  6. Done

 Note: You can Delete any paused payments period in the Pause Payments History section. 


Xpay Account Tab

Adding Payment Details

For services using Xpay by Debit Success, Service Admins are able to add payment details on behalf of a parent. Navigate to a parent profile for any primary carer and you will be able to access a new tab, labelled “Xpay Account.”

Note: It is essential that you get a hard copy Direct Debit Request (DDR) form signed by the parent/guardian that is going to be billed before you enter in payment details on their behalf. This will ensure that, if there are any payment disputes, you can provide proof of authority to the Payments Team, which they will forward as evidence to the bank to dispute any claims.

If you do not have a Debitsuccess DDR form that you can print and pass to parents/guardians to fill out and sign, please contact or


The form will be pre-filled with any details that are on the Parent profile, however you can add additional information if it’s missing. From there, you’ll be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions. Once you’ve agreed, you’ll be redirected to a secure page to save the parent payment details.


These may be a Credit Card or a Bank Account, which you can select from the options at the top of the form. After adding the parent’s card or account number, press “Add Details”

When these have been submitted, you will be able to see the saved details in place of the original form. To change or update those saved details, click the “change” button.


Password Reset


Administrators with access to Parent/ Guardian Profile screen can reset passwords by navigating through to:

  1. Navigate to Profiles: Parent/ Guardian
  2. Navigate to the parent or search by their name in the search bar
  3. Under the Actions column (far right) Select the blue button Reset Password
  4. In the pop up box confirm rest by pressing OK
  5. Done