Release Notes: 19th May 2022

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The following feature will be live on the 27th of May.

Expiring Attachments

We are extremely excited to introduce a new, highly anticipated feature—expiring attachments notifications! You will now be able to easily identify any attachments from a child’s profile with an upcoming expiry date. This will help you stay on top of all your children’s upcoming expiring attachments and will allow you to remain proactive with collecting up-to-date documentation from families.

This feature includes:

  • Easy access to the number of upcoming expiring attachments and the list of children via a widget on the Dashboard.

  • The ability to mark expiring attachment notifications as either “Done” or “To do” in the widget so you can action only relevant items.

  • The option to export a CSV of upcoming expiring attachments, so you can better manage longer lists of upcoming expiring attachments.

  • The ability to bulk remove expiry dates from existing child attachments that don’t require notifications.