Child Profiles


The Child Profile section of Office houses all information relating to a child at your centre, including enrolment details, attachments, discounts and booking patterns. 

Child Account Tab

The Child Accounts screen enables administrators to add missing information or make changes to existing details to an individual child's Basic Information, Enrolment Details, Cultural Background and Health Details.

Once any new data has been entered/updated, the administrator is required to press save for this to attach. Any save button on this page will work for all fields.

Photo/Video Opt In/Out

The photo permission is set by the Parent or Guardian when they submit their enrolment form. However you can update this setting in the Child Profile page:


Updating Rooms on a Child Profile

While children can be booked into any room, regardless of the room listed on their profile, the room a child is listed in on a profile is used by some services for reporting purposes.

To change the room for a child's booking, please see the Bookings article under 'editing a booking'.

Changing an individual Child's Room:

  1. Navigate to Profiles < Children
  2. Scroll to Enrolment Details
  3. Select Room Name and make the change to the correct room
  4. Select Save
  5. Done

Note: Please see above for how to change multiple children's rooms at once


Changing Enrolment Status

Each child in Office will have a current status to categorise the stage of their enrolment. 

Active - Child currently attends and has bookings. They will appear in the Master Roll and Government Enrolments Screen.

Inactive - Child has concluded and does not attend. They will not appear in the Master Roll nor the active Government Enrolments Screen.

Waitlist - Child is awaiting confirmation start date or completing the enrolment process. They will appear on the Master Roll but not the active Government Enrolments screen. Learn more about about creating and managing your waitlist here.

To change the status of a child's enrolment:

  1. Navigate to Profiles > Children
  2. Select the Child you want to make inactive, active or waitlist.
  3. Scroll Down To Enrolment Details and Select Status Inactive, Waitlist or Active 
  4. Select Save
  5. Done

Note: When moving a child's enrolment too Active, any linked parents will receive the welcome email to get logged in.


Parent/Guardian Tab

Parents can be added to Office through the digital enrolment form, a bulk import when onboarding, or manually. The enrolment form is the easiest way as the parent will complete the information and submit it directly into Office. However, this should only be used when a new child profile is also being added.

Linking Existing Parent Profiles to Children Profiles is useful for linking sibling accounts so parents can have the same emails and account statement for both children.

Note: Please ensure that the child profile has been created prior to completing the steps below.

Instructions to Link Existing Parent

  1. Go to Profiles > Children
  2. Select Child you wish to link the parent to
  3. Select the Parent/Guardian tab
  4. Select the Link Existing Parent button at the top-right of the page
  5. In the pop up box, search the email address or the parent name you wish to link to the profile. 
  6. If the parent already exists at the service, their name will pop up and you can click Add to add the parent to the child's profile. If their name does not pop up, they may not already exist at the service and you will not be able to link them. If this is the case, you will need to create a parent profile. Note: If the parent is the primary carer, select the 'primary carer' check box. If you are switching primary carer from another, you may need to complete the following steps: Primary Carer Change
  7. Once the parent is linked, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

Please contact support if you require assistance with this process. 


Manually adding a New Parent

  1. Navigate to Profiles > Children
  2. Select the Child
  3. Navigate to the Parent/Guardian tab in the child's account.
  4. Select Create New Parent, if you are creating a completely new parent profile.
  5. This creates a new blank field to enter in the parent's details
  6. Scroll down and press Save to save changes.
  7. Once you add in their email address and press save, this will trigger a welcome email
  8. Done


Removing Linked Parent/Guardian from a Child's Profile

  1. Navigate to Profiles > Children
  2. Select the Child
  3. Navigate to the Parent/Guardian tab in the child's account.
  4. Navigate to the Parent/Guardian to be removed
  5. Select Unlink Parent
  6. Select Ok on the pop up screen
  7. Select Save at the bottom of the page
  8. Done


Contacts Tab

What is a Contact and how does it work? 

A Contact is an Authorised Nominee, other than the Parent/Guardian for a child in Xplor, that will be able to sign in and out children from childcare. When a parent adds a Contact through their Home App, they have the ability to nominate their authorisations as below;

  • Emergency: Authorised to pick up the child in case of emergency.
  • Collection: Authorised to pick up and drop off child from care (Note: The parent will be unable to edit this once the Contact is created, to remove collection authorisation, the parent will need to make contact with the centre)
  • Medical: Authorised to make medical decisions on behalf of the child.
  • Incursion and Excursion: Authorised for this child's incursions and excursions.
  • Transportation: Authorised the child being transported by the service or on transportation arranged by the service.

Once the parent/guardian has created the Contact, they will receive an email to set up their Contact account and password.  Contacts do not have access to the Home App, they will be able to use the hub to sign the child out. 

Centre's are able to add/ update these Contacts on a parents behalf through the Office system.

Administrators can add Contacts as below:

  1. Navigate to Profiles > Children
  2. Select the Child
  3. Navigate to the Contacts Tab 
  4. Select on the +add to the bottom right of the screen
  5. Input the Contact details and authorisations
  6. Send Invite
  7. Done 

Once the Contact has been added to the system, both the parent/guardian and the Contact will receive and email;



With the Parent/Guardians permission, administrators can:

  • Make edits to a Contact
  • Change the Authorisations of a Contact
  • Send the Contact a password reset for their HUB account

To complete any of the above actions, the administrator would navigate to:

  1. Profiles > Children
  2. Select the Child
  3. Navigate to the Contacts Tab 
  4. Select the Contact
  5. Make any edits through the screen, at the bottom of the page select Update/Reset Password/Remove Contact
  6. Done

With any changes made to the Contact, both the parent/guardian and the Contact will receive an email;



With the Parent/Guardians permission, administrators can remove a Contact from a child's account:

  1. Profiles > Children
  2. Select the Child
  3. Navigate to the Contacts Tab 
  4. Select the Contact
  5. Make any edits through the screen, at the bottom of the page select Remove Contact
  6. Done




Attachments Tab

All document records can be added as an attachment to the children's profiles. This may include immunisation records, scans of enrolments forms, or any other relevant files. Previously, an expiry date was required for each attachment. This field is now optional and will automatically be empty for enrolment and re-enrolment form attachments so that you only receive relevant alerts in the Expiring Attachments widget.  

To add these:

  1. Ensure the attachment is saved on the device being utilised
  2. Navigate to the Attachments Tab under in the child's profile
  3. Select + Add, the orange button to the bottom right of the screen. 
  4. Name the document through the Document Title option
  5. Select + Add , then select the document to be uploaded
  6. If no expiry date is to be added to this document, select Save.
  7. To add an expiry date, tick the checkbox that says "This document has an expiry date"
  8. Using the Expiry date drop down, select the date or expiration for this document. 
  9. Select Save
  10. Okay
  11. Done



Through this screen you can View, Edit and Delete attachments.

To View an attachment:

  1. Navigate to the Child Profile
  2. Select the Attachments tab
  3. On the attachment select the eye icon
  4. This will download a copy of the document for viewing
  5. Done

To Edit an expiry date:

  1. Navigate to the Child Profile
  2. Select the Attachments tab
  3. Select the pencil icon
  4. To remove an expiry on the document, untick the expiry checkbox
  5. To change the expiry date, through the calendar drop down, select the new date
  6. Save
  7. Confirm
  8. Done

To Delete an attachment:

  1. Navigate to the Child Profile
  2. Select the Attachments tab
  3. Select the rubbish bin icon inline with the document to be removed
  4. Select Confirm
  5. Select Okay
  6. Done


Bookings Tab

Administrators are able to view individual child bookings through this tab at a monthly view. They also have the ability to apply filters to see specific booking details more easily.

To use this screen:

  1. Navigate to Booking Tab under the child's profile
  2. Select to view all bookings or only reoccurring bookings
  3. Filter your view by selecting one, some or all of the following options: Standard / Attendance / Absence / Holiday
  4. Done


Attendance Tab

Child Attendance tab outlines at a glance the individual child's sign in and out time for particular days. Administrators will be able to see which software platform the sign in/out record was made from (Playground App, Office or HUB).

To navigate to this screen:

  1. In Child's Profile screen, select Attendance
  2. On the calendar select the date you are wanting to view
  3. Once selected, the booking details will populate below the calendar
  4. Done

Note: Administrators will be able to edit the booking information from this screen also, be selecting Edit booking to the top right of the booking screen.



Confidential Notes Tab

Confidential notes can be added to individual child profiles. These can only be seen internally, by other administrators with access to the Profiles: Children Tab.

To apply a confidential note:

  1. Navigate to the Confidential Notes tab under the child's profile
  2. Select Add to the top right
  3. Within this screen input a Date, Title and the confidential note 
  4. Optional: add an attachment file if required
  5. Once completed, select Add to the bottom right of the screen
  6. Done


To delete a confidential note:

  1. Navigate to the Confidential Notes tab
  2. Next to the note, select Delete
  3. Confirm deleting by selecting Ok
  4. Done



Adding a child to a program via the Child Profile QKFS tab

  1. Through Xplor Office, navigate to Profiles
  2. Click on Children, and then search for the child you wish to add
  3. Click on the child’s profile so you are taken to the Child Profile view. Then, click the QKFS tab 
  4. When you click on this tab, you will be prompted to enter Child Details. These include the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Persons Status, Multiple Births and Refugee Status. Enter this information, and then hit Save 
  5. Once the settings have been saved, you will now be prompted to add the child to a program by clicking the Add button per the screenshot below. Note: the program must be created first before the child can be added to a program. 
  6. A pop-up box will then appear. You will need to select the program from the drop-down list. If the Start Date and Weeks have been added to the program already, you will not need to enter this information. Click Add to add the child to the program.
  7. You will then be taken back to the QKFS tab of the child’s profile view, where you will see the program you have added to the child under 

Removing a child from a program via the child profile QKFS tab

  1. In Office, navigate to Profiles and then Children
  2. Search for the child you wish to remove, then click on their profile
  3. Navigate to the QKFS tab. Under Programs, click on the program you wish to remove the child from.
  4. From the View Program page, click the remove button to remove the child from the program
  5. That’s it! You’ll get a confirmation notification stating the child has been removed and the program will no longer be visible when viewing the child profile QKFS tab


Discounts Tab

Discounts are applied on a child by child basis. These can be applied to a child's account after being created. To create a discount, please follow our Discounts Guide.

To apply a discount to a child's account

  1. Navigate to the Discounts Tab
  2. Select the Add button to the bottom right of screen
  3. Under Discount Details, in the drop down, select the discount to be applied
  4. Under Effective Date Range, input a start and end date
  5. Select Add
  6. Done


To recall a discount from a child's account:

  1. Navigate to the Discounts Tab
  2. Select the discount you are wanting to recall
  3. On the bottom of the tab select Recall
  4. On confirmation page, select Recall
  5. Done


Note: discounts are able to be seen by administrators through the Master Roll as follows.



Note: Parent/Guardians are able to view their discount has been applied through their statement as follows.



Deleting a Child Profile

We do not delete children from the Office platform, rather, we make them Inactive.

Deleting children is a common question from administrators, educators and parents, who understandably want to be able to remove information.

Often this request occurs when:

  • A child is no longer enrolled at a service;
  • Admin have duplicated entries for a child;
  • An enrolment form was completed more than once or;
  • A child account was cloned by accident.

In order for us to be compliant as a child care administrative software, deleting an account data is not possible.

Why? We have a duty of care to our clients past and present, and part of this duty is to maintain a record of their time. This is in our clients interests because if they ever needed evidence of their enrolment at a service or other data, we would be able to provide it.

Note: We do not store data for our own use, it is because we are obliged to keep a record in order to perform our duties as a company.

Instead we recommend making the account INACTIVE. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Child Profile
  2. Under Enrolment Details, change the start date to be in the past (yesterday at the earliest) and the end date to be todays date
  3. Change the status to be inactive
  4. Save

Additionally to the above, Xplor recommends the following:

  • Add Inactive - to the child's first name to easily identify this as the inactive profile
  • Remove the child's date of birth
  • Remove the CRN of the child

Administrators can remove further details with family requests also, such as:

  • Contact numbers
  • Billing info
  • Addresses
  • Specific information about the child and names
  • All can be removed off a profile, amongst other things

NOTE:  DO NOT inactivate a child who has not had all their subsidy paid. This could cause them to lose or be ineligible to receive back paid subsidy.