ISS Case Claims

Once set up to claim ISS through Office, you will be able to find any active claims available for your centre by navigating to Child Care SUbsidy > ISS Case Claims.


Any rejected or inactive case claims should be queried with your IS agency, as all the information seen in this screen comes directly from the Inclusion Support Program.

View Claim Information

Navigate to "Child Care Subsidy" > "ISS Case Claims"  You will see your open IS cases on the left of the screen.

You view the following information about your case:

  • Case number
  • Type of Case
  • Start and End dates 
  • Current status
  • Days of the week it applies it
  • Care provision

Press +view more details to see the following:

  • Non Face to Face (F2F) balance remaining
  • Inclusion Personnel full name


Case Considerations


You can only submit case claims for weeks past, as the ISS portal reviews the child's attendance/session reports submitted to CCS.

As submissions are automated in Xplor to occur on a weekly basis, on a Friday, you will need to wait until the following Monday after you receive your CCS payments to begin the ISS Claim process or the week prior. 



You will also need to make sure that any educator you wish to attach to the case claim, have previously been entering into your Educator section of Office. It can take up to 24 hours for educators added in Profiles, to be visible on the ISS Case Claims drop down menu. You can view the steps to complete this process here.

Required Information

Before you submit a new case claim, please have the following information ready to access to support your claim:

  • Rostering information, with reference to your Additional Educator 
  • Attendance/absence data for the child attached to the case
  • Government enrolment information for the child attached to the case
Submit a Case Claim
  1. Navigate to Child Care Subsidy > ISS Case Claims > Go to the required week date > Click New ISS Case ClaimScreen_Shot_2019-09-10_at_9.17.09_AM.png

  2. Specify a service provision (i.e, Face-to-Face or Non Face-to-Face) and a payment type (i.e. Subsidy-Centre Based Care).
  3. You can add an educator and their hours by using the "+" button under the relevant days. Educators can be added through Office under "Profiles > Educators". Screen_Shot_2019-09-10_at_9.49.20_AM.png
  4. If you add a session in error, you can click the "Remove Session" button at the base of the session box.
  5. Tick the box next to the relevant children's name under "Select a child". Ensure their enrolment ID is correct for the sessions submitted.Screen_Shot_2019-09-10_at_9.54.34_AM.png
  6. Tick the 'Educator Disclaimer' that is required and then press "Create ISS Case Claim".Screen_Shot_2019-09-10_at_9.54.44_AM.png
  7. This will show as a submitted/processed claim in the relevant week after you have created the claim.  Screen_Shot_2019-09-10_at_9.57.34_AM.png
Withdraw a Case Claim

If for any reason you need to withdraw a claim, press the Withdraw ISS Case Claim button on the top right corner of the claim. This will withdraw the claim immediately.


Xplor does not receive information on why applications may have been rejected. This will need to be discussed with and reviewed by your IP.

Payment Reporting

Office has a number of different reports which display ISS Payments:

Report & Location Summary Format

Provider ISS Summary Report

(Reports > CCS Reports > Provider Level > + Select a Report > ISS Summary)

  • Provides a summary of an amount that has been paid for a date range.
  • Only report where ISS payments can be found. 
Link emailed to Provided Email

Provider ISS Unclaimed Report

(Reports > CCS Reports > Provider Level > + Select a Report > ISS Unclaimed)

  • Provides a summary of the amount that has been unclaimed for a date range per child, per week and per day. 
Link emailed to Provided Email

ISS Case Claims Payments Report

(Reports > CCS Reports > Service Level > + Select a Report > ISS Case Claims Payments)

  • Summary of how much ISS paid for selected date range
Available for Download