Rostering Master Guide

Office currently supports a basic rostering system, through the Rostering tab located in the left hand side menu. 



Rostering Overview


This screen will show a daily overview of all shifts for your Educators using the information from the Roster Calendar tab. This view will show you active educators currently set up with profiles at your centre. 

It can be useful in determining pre-planned break overlaps, ensuring ratios are being met and leave planning for peak periods

At the top of the page, you can view how many Educators are required each day, based on your bookings in the Master Roll, and your ratio requirements set in Room Settings.

You can filter the room using the 'Select Room' drop-down box, to highlight relevant shifts in black and also view other days using the 'Date' picker. 



Roster Calendar

The Roster Calendar can be found under the 'Rostering' tab on prodadmin. This is the page from which educator shifts can be added, deleted and edited. 



Creating New Shifts


To create a new shift for an Educator:

1. Click the '+' next to the educator name on the date you would like to add. 

2. In the pop up box, fill in the educators shift details in the spaces provided.

  • Shift start and end date
  • Select Room 
  • Shift duration will pre-fill based on start and end time
  • Select the position from the drop down
    • This will update the options for Pay Classification
    • Note: this is an optional field and is not a mandatory to continue.
  • You can specify if it is a broken shift, if a uniform allowance is relevant, and if there are set breaks

3. Add breaks

  • If there is only one break, insert a break start and end time 
  • Click 'Add More' if multiple breaks are being added.

4. Select the colour scheme: This does not dictate anything except the shift colour that will appear on the calendar. Use this for display purposes. The colours will appear when the calendar is exported.

4. Click "Save" at the bottom of the box.


Creating Multiple Shifts


A shift can be added to multiple educators and/or multiple days with the same details.

1. Click the '+' next to one of the educator names on one of the dates you would like to add. 

2. Under 'Shift Date', select multiple the dates the shift will be added to in the calendar.

3. Under 'Select Educator', select the name(s) of the educator(s) the shift will be assigned to

4. Complete the rest of the details of the shift and click "Save" at the bottom of the box


Copy Shifts


The system provides the ability to copy a full week of shifts for all educators into future weeks. Currently this will be all the shifts for the week. Shifts can only be copied to weeks which have no shifts. 

To do this, navigate to:

  1. Rostering
  2. Select Roster Calendar
  3. Navigate to the week which you would like to copy shifts from
  4. Use the tick box to the left of the relevant educator/educators you wish to copy shifts for
  5. Select Copy Shifts
  6. Select the date of the week the shifts will be copied to
  7. Copy Shifts
  8. Done
When copying a shift over from a previously approved shift, the newly copied one will automatically be pasted in approved status.
You can also Move/Copy shift by clicking and dragging them from within the roster calendar.
Editing Shifts
From the Roster Calendar section in the Rostering Tab, you are able to make edits to individual shifts.
  1. Navigate to Rostering
  2. Select Roster Calendar
  3. Navigate to the week and day to be amended
  4. Select the shift by clicking on it
  5. Make the changes necessary 
  6. Save
Sending Shift Notifications
Once you have completed your roster in the Calendar tab, you will be able to send shifts notification to one, some or all of the team members rostered by following these steps:
  1. Navigate to Calendar
  2. Use the tick box along side your team members names
  3. Select send shift notifications to the top middle of the screen
  4. Done





To navigate to your timesheets, select Rostering > Timesheets from your left hand side menu in Office.

This will allow you to see when your educators have signed in/out for their shifts on the Hub and the costing of these shifts.

From this screen, admin can also edit, approve or deny shifts based on the information logged.

Note: Bulk approving shifts will approve the actual start/end times, rather than the scheduled start/end times.

Admins can also view comments left by educators at the time of sign in/out.


Sign In/Out times

Navigate to Administration > Roster > Timesheets, input the date frequencies for the day to view who has signed in/out.

  • Shifts will go orange if the times signed in earlier are greater than 15 minutes. This is to prompt administrators to double check these shifts and approve the changes.
  • Shifts will go red if the shift has not yet been approved by an admin. This is to prompt administrators to double check these shifts and approve the times/changes made.



The timesheets will show the shifts assigned and completed based on the date range selected. By default, they will display the shifts for your staff for the current week;

As an administrator, you have the ability to edit your timesheets as needed;

If your service is connected with Xero, your timesheets can be exported into your accounting package based on the scheduled cost i.e. what you have assigned to your staff for the week in question. To import:

  1. Navigate to the Timesheet Screen
  2. Select the date range to be your payment window (as per your schedule as set through Xero)
  3. Review Timesheets
  4. When ready, select the Sync Leave Type button to the top right of the screen (this will sync any leave types as inputted into your leave calendar in Office rostering)
  5. Select the Send Timesheet button
  6. Done. The timesheet data for your pay period has now been imported to Xero.


Note: Please review the next section "Xero Integration" to establish your Xero integration and some troubleshooting. 

Xero Integration

To set up the integration with Xero, take the following steps:

  1. From the Settings list, select Service Settings
  2. Click on the Payroll Integrations tab, the select the Connect to XERO button
  3. Select 'Allow access' on the next screen, then OK



If you're presented with an error message when sending timesheets to Xero or syncing employees, please take the appropriate steps provided below:

  • 'No record found on Xero employee. Please create employee first - log in to your organisation in Xero to create the employee record in the payroll module
  • 'Xero record is not matched with Educator details' - edit the details in Xero and Office so that the individual details (first name, last name and DOB) are exactly matched in both systems
  • 'Please add first employee Ordinary Earnings Rate on Xero account and then sync again - access Xero, locate the employee record, click on the Pay Template tab, update the fields and click Save
  • 'Payrun does not exist between this time period' - navigate to the Pay Run section of your organisation in Xero, select the correct pay period, complete the relevant fields, then return to Office to send the timesheet.




Educator leave can be added through the Rostering portion of Office, under Rostering > Leave. This will update the Roster Calendar to keep track of which educators are available and when they are away. 

The landing page will show you a table containing a list of educators, leave type, start/end dates, any descriptions added and the option to delete.

Adding Leave

  1. Navigate to Rostering 
  2. Select Leave
  3. Click 'Add' in the top right hand corner
  4. Select the educator, leave type, leave start and end date. This will tag the entire day as a leave. You will only have the option to select a leave start and end date but not the time when the educator will be on leave. 
  5. Add a description. This is optional. The description will appear against the leave entry on the 'Leave' page.
  6. Click 'Create' to add the leave

Deleting Leave

  1. Navigate to Rostering 
  2. Select Leave
  3. Find the leave entry in the list.
  4. Click 'Delete' and 'OK' on the pop up to remove the leave.


Leave Display

Leave will appear on the Roster Calendar as shown below:


Printing the Roster

You will first need to export your roster through one of the two available options.

Export PDF

  1. Navigate to Rostering
  2. Select Roster Calendar
  3. Navigate to the week you are wanting to print
  4. Top right select export
  5. In the drop down select PDF
  6. Your file will download, once you open you can choose to save and/or print the PDF.
  7. Done



Export CSV

  1. Navigate to Rostering
  2. Select Roster Calendar
  3. Navigate to the week you are wanting to print
  4. Top right select export
  5. In the drop down select CSV
  6. Your file will download, this will open in an excel spreadsheet. From here you can choose to save and/or print the CSV.
  7. Done





How do I include my educators qualifications on my roster to be compliant?

There are three options to consider when including educator qualifications onto the roster.

  1. Utilising the colour options when creating a shift to intentionally reflect qualification levels EXAMPLE: Using purple for bachelor qualified educators, blue for diploma qualified educators, yellow for certificate 3 qualified educators. Please note: Use in-conjunction with high level internal communication to ensure this method is streamlined across your provider and all required administrators are aware of the process.
  2. Print the Educator Qualification report and attach to the displayed roster. You will find this through Reports > Service Reports > Educator Qualifications
  3. Generate the roster into a CSV and manually add a column and input the Educators qualifications, then save to PDF and print.