End of Financial Year (EOFY) in Office

The CCS cut off date for the 21/22 Financial Year is 8th August 2022 as advised by DESE.

At Xplor, we want to make the End of Financial Year for your service run smoothly. To make this process easy and help your service keep your records up-to-date, your service can use our EOFY recommended process below to make this task a simple process for your Administrators.


As the end of the financial year approaches, services need to ensure that all sessions for the 2020/2021 financial year have been submitted to CCS. Once the cut-off date is assigned, a dispensation will need to be granted by CCSS to make additional submissions for the period.

Submitting Sessions

Office will automatically run submissions for each child with an active CCS enrolment at the end of each week. Automatic submissions will cover new/varied sessions in the last 14 days from the active CCS enrolment start date. 

Some scenarios where you will need to manually submit is if:

  • you have manually updated the CCS enrolment start date with a date more than 14 days in the past. Note: If the start date falls within the current week or the last 14 days, it will still be submitted automatically on the current week’s Friday
  • you are submitting new sessions past the 14 day period, or submitting variances in sessions past the 28 day period
  • submissions have been processed previously against the incorrect CCS enrolment
  • you are submitting session reports against a ceased period
  • you would prefer to immediately submit variances in sessions after making changes to the Master Roll instead of waiting for the automatic submissions. 

You can use the following guide to ensure your sessions are submitted correctly: Submit and Withdraw CCS Session Reports

Checking CWAs

Please check to ensure all your CWA’s have been signed and Government enrolments are submitted and confirmed.

  • Missing CWA Report can be located by following Reports > CCS Reports > Service-Level CCS > + Select a Report > Missing CWA Approvals

  • CCS Enrolment Master Guide will guide you through how to make changes to your government enrolments before the cut off date for submissions and CCS payments 

  • Please follow the steps outlined here if you need to complete a Primary Carer Change before the cut off date 
EOFY Reporting

The following reports are most helpful for End of Financial Year in Xplor:

  • CCS Notifications Report

  • CCS Entitlement Changes Report

  • CCS Weekly Payments Report 

  • Submissions Report

  • Transaction Summary Report

Adjusting Fees

If you intend to increase your service's existing fees, or add new fees for the new financial year, please use the steps outlined here:

Entitlement Changes

Families must confirm their income each financial year to ensure they are paid the correct amount of Child Care Subsidy (CCS). This is called balancing or reconciliation. When your families are updating their activity test or income estimate for the new or previous financial year, this may cause a change to their entitlements.

The DESE has created a guide to assist your families understand and complete the balancing process.

These changes can create a fluctuation to the next Direct Debit run for your service in Xplor:

To confirm a families entitlement changes over a period of time as well as adjust your families payment plan or first Direct Debit after the financial year, please run the CCS Entitlement Changes Report 

  • Reports > CCS Reports > Service Level CCS > Select a report > CCS Entitlement Changes Report

You can also view changes to CCS Entitlements via the CCS Entitlement Notifications feature. 

Starting Blocks

Xplor Office reports to Starting Blocks your service's room fees and vacancies on a weekly basis.

This helpful guide will help you manage your fees to ensure the information submitted is correct and up-to-date.

Dispensation Process

In limited, specified circumstances, a provider may need to submit new session reports late, or vary or withdraw session reports after the date on which the department restricts access to the child care subsidy system.

The DESE provides a digital form as the channel by which providers apply to the Department to make changes in a previous FY to ensure that there is no financial impact on child care providers and families.

DESE Dispensation Digital Application.pdf

In order for this form to function correctly you will need to download the form to your computer and open the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed you can download it for free from the Adobe Website.