CCS Enrolment Master Guide

Child Care Subsidy is financial assistance for families to help with the cost of approved child care which is paid directly to providers to reduce the out of pocket fee parents/guardians pay.

Key processes need to be completed by your centre in order to correctly set up and manage government enrolments including:


The amount of entitlement depends on your family’s income, the type of child care you're accessing, the age of the child/children and the hours of recognised activities the family does.

Child Care Subsidy is claimed through the families Centrelink online account via myGov.

To find out more visit the Services Australia website. 

Overview of CCS Enrolments


Reference Topic
1. CCS Enrolment ID Important for keeping track of submissions
2. Type of CCS enrolment

Different types include: 

Complying Written Agreement 

Relative Arrangement

Organisation Arrangement

Provider Eligible Arrangement - Child at Risk

3. Government enrolment status Government status guide
4.(a) Update Enrolment Schedule Updating Enrolment Schedule on a CWA
(b) End CCS Enrolment Cessation of Care
(c) Update Enrolment start date Backdating CCS Enrolment Start Date
5. Approve enrolment schedule Updating Enrolment Schedule on a CWA 
6. View parents entitlements View Entitlements
7. View occurrences

View Occurrences

Troubleshooting Occurrences

8. Details of child and primary carer eligible for CCS

If primary carer is incorrect, a Primary Carer Change will need to be completed. Please refer to this article: Primary Carer Change

9. View enrolment start date

Backdating CCS Enrolment Start Date 


Complying Written Arrangement (CWA)

What is a Complying Written Arrangement?

A Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) is an agreement to provide care in return for fees. All child enrolments at your service must have an agreed CWA for the family to be eligible for CCS. Creating the CWA is the first step to create a child's CCS enrolment. 

Before creating a new CWA, please make sure that:

  • The child is active on Office.
  • The primary carer for the child is correct. 
  • Both the child and primary carer's DOB and CRN is correct on their Office profile.
  • If the child/ren will attend regularly child has at least 6 weeks worth of bookings on the Master Roll if the child will attend regularly.


  • If the child will attend casually or only during vacation care, you will need to make a Casual CWA


Creating a CWA Enrolment

1. Go to 'Child Care Subsidy' > 'Government Enrolments' > select child's name > '+ New CCS Enrolment'.


2. If creating a weekly or fortnightly CWA, check the routine sessions that have populated are correct. These generate automatically as per the Master Roll for that week. Click "Create" then "Done". This will create a CWA and a yellow draft CCS enrolment.  


3. If the child attends casually or only during vacation care you can now create a casual CWA without needing to first enter sessions on the Master Roll. Select the "Casual" option, enter the most likely session start time, end time and the session cost. In the "Additional Conditions" section include a brief description of the casual session. For example "Based on the child's likely casual booking session fee and time as discussed with the family."

Click "Create" then "Done". This will create a CWA and a yellow draft CCS enrolment.  


4. Inform the parent to sign the CWA. See THIS article for parent steps.

To view the CWA, click on "View Parent Approval". 




Relevant Arrangement (RA)

What is a Relevant Arrangement?

A Relevant Arrangement (RA) is a type of enrolment which indicates families who are not eligible to receive CCS. 

An RA is for families who have not completed their CWA or have confirmed their enrolment to receive CCS, or for those families who are not eligible to receive CCS subsidy (e.g. not Australian citizens but using child care). It is compliant with the government as all children attending childcare require some sort of enrolment.

If, or when, the family is eligible for CCS, please make sure you create a CWA enrolment for the child.

Until a CWA enrolment is created, the child's sessions will be submitted against the RA enrolment. This means the family will not receive Child Care Subsidy payments, until they have a confirmed CWA enrolment. 

How to create an RA? 

  1. Navigate to Child Care Subsidy 
  2. Select Government Enrolments tab
  3. Select child
  4. Press the + New CCS Enrolment 
  5. In the drop down select Relevant Arrangement 
  6. Once completed press Create



Organisation Arrangement (OA)

What is an Organisation Arrangement?

  • A parent may be able to receive free child care on behalf of a third party. Some examples include Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) or a workplace. 
  • This article will help you to manage affected children in Office.
  • It is recommended that the affected child has two profiles on Office to separate session fees covered by the parent/guardian and the session fees covered by the third party.
  • In terms of CCS enrolments, the child's third party profile should have an "OA Enrolment" created for it. The child's original profile should have either an "RA Enrolment" or "CWA enrolment" with comments added in the "Special Conditions" (depending on whether the parent is eligible for CCS.
  • Ensure that child's sessions are separated according to who will be covering the child's sessions at the time (parent or third party). 

Cloning the child's profile

The purpose of cloning the child on Office is to separate the account statements from fees covered by the third party and fees covered by the parent/guardian. In this example, we will use a child receiving free care on behalf of AMEP

1. Clone the child's profile on Office. This can be done by going to Profiles > Children > Search the Child > Right Click > Clone.


2. Update the child's name with "(AMEP)" at the end of their surname e.g. John Smith (AMEP) to  distinguish the AMEP profile from the child's original profile, then click "Save".


3. Click on "Parent/Guardian" then "Create New Parent" for this profile named "AMEP". Click "Save".


4. Tick "Primary Carer" on the AMEP parent account. Click "Save".  


5. Link the existing parent's account to the child's profile so that the parent is able to sign the child in and out, as well as view any observations.


6. Click "Save" to save all changes made.


Government enrolment steps for AMEP profile

If the child's fees will be covered by AMEP completely, you will need to create an "Organisation Arrangement (OA)" enrolment. 

1. Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select child > + New CCS Enrolment


2. Select "Organisation Arrangement (OA)", add in submission reason, then "Create.


In addition to the "OA" enrolment, if the child's fees will be split between AMEP and the parent/guardian and the parent is eligible for CCS, you will need to create a CWA enrolment with comments added in "Additional Conditions".

1. Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select child > + New CCS Enrolment


2. Select "Complying Written Agreement (CWA)" and add in comments in "Additional Conditions" to indicate that the child will have part/all fees funded by AMEP.


If the parent is not eligible for CCS, create an Relative Arrangement (RA) instead of a CWA enrolment for the child.

How to manage bookings for AMEP children

Ensure that the child's bookings are separated in accordance to who will be covering the fees for that session. Any sessions that AMEP will cover should be recorded on the AMEP profile. Any sessions that the parent will cover should be covered on the child's original profile. See below for an example. 


Provider Eligible Arrangement (PEA)

What is a Provider Eligible Arrangement?

If you identify a "child at risk" but are unable to identify a parent or carer who is eligible for ACCS (wellbeing), you may be able to create a provider eligible arrangement enrolment (child wellbeing) under ACCS.

ACCS (child wellbeing) certificate OR an ACCS (child wellbeing) determination must be in effect for the child and your service.  Once this has been completed, you can create a provider eligible arrangement through Office.

Providers can now enrol children in formal foster care arrangements under a PEA for up to 13 weeks while the foster carer is assessed for Child Care Subsidy. The government requires children receiving ACCS long term to be enrolled with a CCS enrolment connected to a carer's CRN once the initial 13 weeks has been exhausted. 

More information about PEAs is available in sections 38 and 42 of the Guide to ACCS (child wellbeing).

    1. "Child Care Subsidy" > "Government Enrolments" > Click "+ New CCS enrolment" > Click on "Complying Written Arrangement" > select "Child Wellbeing - Provider Eligible Arrangement"
    2. Add in routine sessionsScreen_Shot_2022-04-15_at_10.33.28_am.png
    3. Click "Create"

CCS Enrolment Statuses 

Once you have created a Government Enrolment for a child, you will see a pill indicating the current status of this enrolment. You can troubleshoot the meanings as follows:

CCS Enrolment Status Notes




  • Enrolment is still in Office and has not been submitted to the government.
  • Parent has not yet agreed to the CWA.
  • Allow 6-8 hours for this status to update after parent approves the CWA.




  • CWA been approved by primary carer and the enrolment has been submitted to the government.
  • Primary carer now needs to login to MyGov and confirm the enrolment.



  • CWA been approved by primary carer and the enrolment has been submitted to the government. 
  • Primary carer now needs to login to MyGov to complete activity test and/or confirm the CCS enrolment. Click here for parent steps.

What happens if the status does not update after a long period of time?

  • This information is pulled from a government script, so we cannot do anything to speed up this process.
  • Please make sure the correct primary carer has completed all tasks on MyGov. 


  • Parent has completed all CCS steps!
  • CCS will be effective from the CCS enrolment start date.



  • Enrolment has been submitted to government but is missing child and/or parent DOB and/or CRN. 

How can this be fixed?

      1. Go to Profiles > Children and check the CRN and DOB.
        Please check this information is correct for both the primary carer and the child.

      2. Go to 'Government Enrolments' and press "Refresh" to ensure the most up to date information has pulled through.
        Ensure there are no "N/A" spaces in the 'Active Xplor Profile' and below child name before going to step 3. If there is, go back to step 1. 

      3. Click "+ Actions" on the CCS enrolment > Select "Send CRN and DOB". This will pull through the missing information if it is correct in the parent and child profile.
        If successful, the enrolment should sit on "Pending" or "Pending Eligibility".Screen_Shot_2022-04-15_at_10.57.07_am.png


  • The primary carer has disputed the enrolment via MyGov. This will prevent any CCS payments from coming through.

What do I do if an enrolment has been disputed?

The parent have disputed the enrolment due to one of the reasons below: 

  1. Incorrect enrolment schedule (fees, session days and times)
    • Click on + Actions > Update Enrolment Schedule.

    • Get the parent to accept the CWA again, then confirm the enrolment on MyGov.

  2. Incorrect CCS enrolment start date
    • Legally, the CCS enrolment start date is the date the parent had first agreed to the CWA which may be different to the child's physical start date.
    • The start date can be backdated with a valid reason.

  3. Disputed by accident
    • Update the enrolment via either step 1 or 2, then ask the primary carer to log back into MyGov to confirm the enrolment.

You can also see this separate guide here


  • You will only find ceased enrolments if you click "All" button on the top right corner.
  • Government can cease a CCS enrolment if a child has not attended child care for 14 continuous weeks. 
  • This can happen if a child uses service only during vacation care. 

How do I reactivate a ceased enrolment?

  • You will need to create a new CWA for the child.
  • Once confirmed, you backdate the enrolment, and submit attendances from the date that it had ceased if necessary. 

Missing Approvals

CWA: Missing Approval

The 'MISSING APPROVAL' pill means that Office does not have an electronic record of a child's approved CWA.


You may come across this warning when a child has a confirmed CWA enrolment, but Office does not have a record of an approved CWA.

  • This will occur if your service has previously managed CWA's from a previous software provider
  • If your service has previously managed CWA's via paper 

As long as you have a record of this elsewhere, it is not necessary to have CWA's signed. If you do not, it is highly advised that the CWA's are signed via Home. 

No CCS: Missing Approval


If the child's CCS enrolment says "NO CCS" and "MISSING APPROVAL", it means that the child does not have an active enrolment at all. Please create a CCS enrolment for this child.


Missing CWA Report for all Children

You can view a list of outstanding CWA parent approvals in report format, to easily determine which parents need to approve their CWAs from the Parent Portal in Home. This will include CWAs that have been sent out on active enrolments.

To view this report:

  • Reports > CCS Reports > Service - Level CCS > Select A Report > Missing CWA Approvals > Generate.

This will open as a CSV file in Excel and have a list of all children with an outstanding CWA.

Disputed Enrolments

Amending a CCS Enrolment

Before making any changes to the CCS Enrolment, please discuss first with the parent and if you're unsure about anything in relation to the perspective changes, consult the CCS Help Desk.

When the Primary Carer actions the CCS Enrolment task in MyGov, they have the option to Confirm or Dispute the details of the enrolment.
Under "Are these enrolment details correct?", if the Primary Carer clicks "No", the enrolment will come back to the service as "Disputed". At this point, the Primary Carer must discuss the correct details of the child's enrolment with the service.


Note: Image: MyGov Parent View

How to resolve a disputed enrolment?

Option 1: Incorrect enrolment schedule

Option 2: Incorrect Start Date

Option 3: Accidentally Disputed

If the Parent Approved CWA has the incorrect Enrolment Schedule (fees, session days and times):
Child Care Subsidy > CCS Enrolment > Search for the child > Click on + Actions > Update Enrolment Schedule.

Have the parent accept the CWA again, then confirm in MyGov.

Legally, the CCS enrolment start date is the date the parent had first agreed to the CWA which may be different to the child's physical start date.
The start date can be backdated with a valid reason.

Click on +Actions > Update Enrolment Start Date.

Have the parent confirm in MyGov.

For the parent to confirm the enrolment, a pending confirmation task must be created in the MyGov app.

To create this task, you can click on +Actions > Update Enrolment Start Date.

Leave the start date as is, it will be the original start date or date the CWA was confirmed.

You'll need to provide a valid reason prior to updating.


Backdate a CCS Enrolment 

CCS Enrolment Start Date

The CCS enrolment start date is the date the parent agreed to the CWA. Legally, the start date for an enrolment may only be backdated to the date that a parent's written approval was signed. Understandably, there are circumstances where this may be delayed. Make sure that this reason is submitted.

1. Check the current enrolment start date. Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select child > + View more details.


2. Check if there have been any other occurrences relating to this enrolment. If there have been previous occurrences, make sure that the new start date does not overlap with any previous occurrences (e.g. in the screenshot below, the earliest it can be updated is "2019-03-25" which is the end date of occurrence #2). 


3. If there is only one active occurrence, or a gap between occurrences click + Actions > Update Enrolment Start Date.


4. Update the "Start Date". Add in a valid reason for updating then click "Update Enrolment start date". 


5. Submit session reports from the new start date. 

Update a CCS Enrolment Schedule

Enrolment Schedule on CWA

  • A child's enrolment schedule must be updated when the child's permanent bookings (e.g. session days, session times, fees) have changed. 
  • Only the centre manager/admin can have access in updating the enrolment schedule.
  • There is no need to update the enrolment schedule if there are a few one off changes.

How do I update a parent's CWA enrolment schedule?

1. Child Care Subsidy  > Government Enrolments > Select affected child > Click "+ Actions" (top right of CCS enrolment) > Update Enrolment Schedule.


2. Update sessions here by clicking on the existing sessions or by clicking the "+". The sessions should automatically update if the Master Roll updated first. Click "Save" once complete.


3. Inform parent to approve the new CWA. Check "View Parent Approval" to check if the parent has done this. Note: Parent does not need to confirm the enrolment on MyGov again. 


CCS Entitlements

NOTE: Office receives entitlement information from the government. If the parent does not agree with the entitlements, please get the parent to contact Centrelink.

Where can I view my parent's CCS entitlements? 


  • Entitlements will only appear on "Confirmed" CWA enrolments. 
  • Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select the child > Under the heading "1 CCS Government enrolment" > Click "+ View entitlements".

How to View Children's Entitlements


Subheading Meaning
  • Parent's entitled percentage
  • 0.00% means parent is not eligible for CCS
Hours per fortnight
  • Parent's entitled hours per fortnight
  • N/A means parent is not eligible for CCS
CCS withholding %
  • Prior to any CCS payment being made, a withholding percentage is applied. Withheld amounts of CCS are used to offset potential debts incurred in the future (i.e. at reconciliation).
  • The default withholding percentage for all individuals is 5% of their total entitlement.


  • If child is eligible for Additional Child Care Subsidy, this field will have "120.00%", otherwise it will say "0.00%"
Absence Count
  • Number of absences for the current financial year
  • CCS covers up to 42 absences a year
  • Click here for additional absence information. 
Annual Cap Reach
  • Yes/No will indicate if the parent has reached their annual cap
Preschool Exemption
  • Y/N will indicate if the parent is eligible for the preschool exemption

Allowable Absences

Absences are recorded automatically by submissions - please ensure the booking is in yellow as this means it was an absence. A child is allowed up to 42 absences per financial year between all services without a reason that will still be covered by subsidy payments.

If a child goes over 42 absences, allowable absences can be claimed. Extra absences can be granted in accordance with the government guidelines.


How to Check Absences to Date in Office

1.  To check the financial YTD absences, go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > search and select child > CCS Government Enrolment > + View Entitlements


2. This will show the Absence Count for this child. If the 42 absences have been reached, the 'absence cap reached' will display yes.


Adding an Allowable Absence through Master Roll

Services can mark absences on the Master Roll as a CCS Additional Absence. Bookings marked as an absence with no CCS reason provided will be submitted as a standard absence. Bookings which have a CCS reason attached will be submitted to the government as an “Additional Absence”.


  1. Click on booking in the Master Roll
  2. Click 'Absence' tab to mark as a planned absence
  3. Select a CCS reason from the drop-down box
  4. Click 'Update Booking' 

NOTE: The government may require you to produce evidence of an additional absence in line with the reason provided.  Evidence cannot be submitted to the government through Office when flagging an absence and instead must be stored by the service. Medical certificates can be uploaded in PRODA via the Provider Entry Point.

Allowable Absences through Provider Entry Point (PRODA)

In PEP, select the 'More details' button in the 'Sessions box


Click 'View' next to the relevant week you wish to submit allowable absences for


  • Tick box to advise if session was an absence.
  • Absence reason: Select reason for absence. Note that absence reason is only needed to determine if additional absences can be paid (child has had already reached 42 absence days for the year).
  • Educator, Subsidy Information, Update location/Transport Only and Session Address sections: Information in this section will be pre-filled and can be edited if needed.
  • Submit all: Select to submit. Information will only be saved once you select submit.


CCS Occurrences

Each enrolment is broken down into what are called 'occurrences' which are essentially different 'versions' of an enrolment which have ceased. 

Please note:  Ceased occurrence start and end dates cannot be altered. If you need an occurrence to cover a certain period, please get in contact with Support.    



How do I find occurrences relating to a child's ccs enrolment?

Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select a child > + View Occurrences. 

If the child is inactive or if the enrolment has ceased, please make sure you select "All" on the top right corner of the Government Enrolments page.


How to breakdown multiple occurrences?


  1. Occurrence number. Occurrence numbers are created by the government in the order that enrolment occurrences are generated. These are used as a reference number and may not reflect a chronological timeline
  2. Occurrence start date.* 
  3. Occurrence end date.* If it says "Present", it means that the occurrence is currently active.  
  4. Indicates the occurrence has now ceased.
  5. The status the enrolment was sitting at when it was ceased. Ideally, it should say "Confirmed" However, there are other statuses it may have ceased on at the time. The different statuses can include Pending, Pending Eligibility, or Disputed. Please click here for more information.

    * Ceased occurrence start and end dates cannot be altered. If you need an occurrence to cover a certain period, please get in contact with Support.    

Troubleshooting occurrences

If an occurrence is sitting at any of the statuses outlined in the table below, it may explain why the parent had not received CCS payment at the time. Please refer to the table to see what action to take.

Occurrence Status Action




Get the parent to call Centrelink to "Confirm" the enrolment.

*If Centrelink cannot assist, make sure parent receives a job number. Take this job number and contact CCS Help Desk for services to get this rectified.


Contact Support

We will need to escalate this to CCS Help Desk for software providers to update the status to "CEASED (PENDING)". Once it has been updated, please get parents to follow steps above. 


Contact Support

We will need to escalate this to the tech team to update the parent/child details for this occurrence. Once fixed, the status will sit on "CEASED (PENDING)". Once it has been updated, please get parents to follow steps above. 


Ceasing Government Enrolments & Cessation of Care

A child's CCS enrolment should only be ended when the cessation of care is certain. Head to this page for the full process of ending a child's care at your service. This page will run through just ending the government enrolment.

Options for Ending an Enrolment 

There are two options when ending the CCS enrolment end date. It is a business decision as to which option you would prefer.

Option 1: is to wait until the child has completed their last booked in session before ending the enrolment. This is the recommended option to ensure that the final automatic submissions get processed. Once the CCS has been paid for the last week, you can go back and set the CCS enrolment end date. 

Option 2: Set the CCS enrolment end date in advance. This is recommended if you are aware of a child being absent for their last session. This will prevent CCS from being paid for the last absent day/s, then later being withdrawn. 

E.g. A parent has informed you in advance that their child's last day will be on Thursday the 19th of September. The child has does not attend their last session, therefore CCS should not be paid. In this scenario, it is  best to end the CCS enrolment before weekly automatic submissions are processed. 

NOTE: For OPTION 2, set the end date to be on the Sunday after there last day so submissions still are processed on the Friday.

Presetting a CCS Enrolment Date

To end the enrolment, navigate to: Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select child > + Actions > End CCS Enrolment > Set the end date > Save

NOTE: The end date cannot be set in the past. If 'invalid date' displays, check the date is the current day or later, and try save once again.

 Parent Match Required Error

What does "Parent Match Required" mean?

This warning means that the primary carer details (CRN) on Office is not matching with a parent details (CRN) on a CCS enrolment. 

This error may occur if: 

  • the child has more than one active CCS enrolments. This may be due to a child having an RA, ACCS, or OA enrolment which may or may not be relevant. It can also occur for a CWA enrolment which has a different registered primary carer. 
  • the child has one active CCS enrolment with the parent's CRN not matching with the parent CRN on Office.

How do I fix the "Parent Match Required" warning?

  1. Check that the CCS Enrolment ID on the warning, matches the ID on the enrolment you want to submit against.
    If the warning relates to an enrolment that has been ended or an enrolment you do not want to submit against then you can ignore the parent match warning.
  2. Check that the parent listed under "Active Xplor Profile" matches the parent on the CCS enrolment.Screen_Shot_2022-04-15_at_10.38.44_am.pngScreen_Shot_2022-04-15_at_10.38.35_am.png
  3. If the parent details under "1 Xplor profile" and the government enrolment are different, contact the family and find out which parent they want to claim CCS under.
  4. If the correct parent is under "1 Xplor profile", you will need to create a new CCS Enrolment. 
  5. If the incorrect parent is under "1 Xplor profile", you will need to perform a primary carer change in Office. You can find our step by step guide to complete a Primary Carer Change here

If you are having difficulties troubleshooting this issue and need assistance with this process, please contact Support.

Government Enrolment Red Error Messages

You may or may not have come across red government error messages in the “Government Enrolments” tab at some stage during a child’s CCS enrolment process. Please see the table below for a summary of what each error message means and what to do if you come across these error messages.

Error message Reason What to do 
"Government error message: Individual CRN and DOB do not exist"  The government does not have a record in their system of the primary carer and/or the child’s DOB or CRN details that is on Office. This means either the primary carer and/or child’s CRN or DOB is incorrect in Office.   The best way to verify if these details are correct is by obtaining a screenshot from MyGov/letter from Centrelink from the primary carer which confirms the DOB/CRN details. The primary carer or child’s DOB and/or CRN needs to be updated on their Office profile (Profiles > Parent/Guardians > Save). Once this has been updated, allow up to 24 hours for the CCS enrolment to be updated. 
"Government error message: Child CRN and DOB do not exist" The government does not have a record in their system of the child’s DOB and/or CRN details, as displayed on the child’s profile.  The best way to verify if these details are correct is by obtaining a screenshot from MyGov/letter from Centrelink from the primary carer which confirms the child's DOB/CRN details. The child’s DOB and/or CRN need to be updated on their profile (Profiles > Children > Save). Once this has been updated, allow up to 24 hours for the CCS enrolment to be updated.
“Government error message: Duplicated session Content/Overlapping sessions Not Permitted” The parent has agreed to a CWA which has overlapping session times on the enrolment schedule. Open up “View Parent Approval” to double check the approved enrolment schedule.  Update the enrolment schedule to ensure that there are no overlapping sessions by clicking on Update Enrolment Schedule”.Get the parent to agree to the CWA again. 
Government error message: Arrangement start or end date falls within prior Enrolment period A new enrolment has been created for a child which is within a previous CCS enrolment with the same child/parent details.Click on “All” on the top right corner of the Government Enrolments page. The new enrolment may be overlapping with a ceased or an active enrolment. Check “View Occurrences” on the enrolment and look at the latest occurrence date, and check the date the parent signed the approval. You will receive this error message if these two dates overlap.  If the child does not have an active CCS enrolment and is needing one, create a new CCS enrolment, and get the parent to agree to it. The new start date will be the date the parent agrees to the CWA so ensure that this does not overlap with the previous occurrence date.If you need to update the new enrolment start date, please see: Backdating a CCS Enrolment Start Date
CCS Enrolment submission error: "Could not generate Credentials for service reg 190001234A" B2B device has expired.  Reactivate B2B via PRODA. See this article for more help: B2B Device Activation Codes.
"CCS Enrolment submission error: "Government error message: Enrolment Notice must differ to previous Enrolment Notice for '200D". This means that a new enrolment was created with the same exact information and enrolment schedule as an active CCS enrolment. This error means that the second enrolment will not go through. This error message is not affecting the existing “Confirmed” enrolment or the future submissions.To fix this, click "Update Enrolment Schedule" on the grey "Confirmed" enrolment (whether or not there are changes to the original enrolment schedule), and get the parent to agree to it. This second enrolment will eventually disappear, along with the error message.
Government error message: Cannot Change Date of Birth/CRN existing Enrolment This means that a parent’s CRN or DOB has been changed on a parent’s profile. This normally happens when users try to change primary carer’s by simply replacing the current primary profile with the new primary details instead of creating a new profile for the new primary carer. This is not the correct way to change primary carer for a child.To prevent this from occurring in the future, please ensure you are completing primary carer change process correctly. Refer to this article for more information: Primary Carer Change Please get in contact with Support. This will likely need to be escalated to our tech team. 
CCS Enrolment submission error: Error - "Not all parent approvals agreed" This normally occurs when the child has more than one child profile with different primary carer’s (e.g. one profile under mother, and another profile under the father), and at least one CWA is missing approval from one of the primary carers.  Please ensure all primary carers on each child’s profile have approved their CWAs.
CCS Enrolment submission error: Error - "no valid casual sessions" This means that the child does not have any future bookings on the Master Roll within the next 4 weeks.  Please wait until you can confirm the child’s first booking. This error message should be resolved once a booking has been created on the Master Roll for the child in near the future.  
CCS Enrolment submission error: "Government error message: Duplicate Enrolment - Enrolment ID: E800xxxxxxx" The child has a duplicate CCS enrolment in the government system which is preventing a new enrolment from being created.  Please get in contact with Support. This will likely need to be escalated to our tech team. 
CCS Enrolment submission error: Error - "can't generate draft: no valid gov enrolments" The CWA has not linked up to the government enrolment correctly.

Check that the CWA has been signed under 'view parent approval'. If it has been signed, on the government enrolment click '+actions' > submit draft enrolment 

Missing sessions for week 1 and no valid casual sessions This means the child does not have a 4-week routine session in the Master Roll.

If the child attends casually, select the "Casual" option along the top of the new CCS Enrolment and enter a session time and fee that resembles the casual sessions the child will attend.

If the child has a routine booking pattern, enter this on the Master Roll for at least the next 4 weeks.


If you are unable to troubleshoot any of these error messages, please get in contact with the Support team.