Release Notes: 31st March 2022

We have some exciting updates to share with our services. 

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The following features will be live on the 8th of April.

Transaction Summary Report (Locked Period)

We are introducing a new Transaction Summary Report to Xplor Office. This is a locked-period, multi-service CSV report that summarises the following main transaction types from Xplor: 

  • Booking Fees

  • Child Discounts

  • CCS Payments

  • Financial Adjustments

  • Gap Fee Adjustments

  • Balance Adjustments

  • Manual Payments

  • Auto Payments

The introduction of the Transaction Summary Report means you’ll no longer need to download each type of report individually to find total amounts for each transaction type, so it will be easier to reconcile your accounts.

Children with Discounts Report

Earlier this year, we introduced Discounts in Xplor Office. This feature lets Admins create a discount template and select children and date range to apply the template to. The report provides a list of children who received a discount within the date range specified, as well as the discount details for each child. This will make it easier when understanding all active discounts that have been applied at your service.


The following features will be live on the 8th of April.

Playground Web: New Linking Combinations

We’ve introduced some new ways to link content together in Playground Web, so that a more complete planning cycle can be tracked and visualised.

  • Documents, Canvasses and Tables can now be inserted into other Documents, Canvasses and Tables.

  • Moments can now be inserted into any Document, Canvas or Table.

Product Monthly Wrap Ups

Our Monthly Wrap Up Webinar will be held on Thursday, 7th April, at 10 am AEST. We’ll be going through our new updates in our different products. You can book in using this link here.

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