Release Notes: 10th March 2022

We have some exciting updates to share with our services. 

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This enhancement will be live on the 11th of March.

Office: Child Emergency Contact Report

We will now format the “Emergency Contact Phone Number” to read with the leading 0, i.e. 04XXXXXXXX. Previously, Microsoft Excel would remove the leading 0 when formatting the column as a number.

Reminder: Home App Reviews

This feature will be live for centres using Home & Space on the 11th of March.

Centres that use Home and Space can now get reviews from their families directly in Home app! Watch our overview video here for all the details.

When a review is submitted, it is saved onto your centre’s Space dashboard so that you can view, manage and respond to your reviews as they come in. This feature will be enabled by default for all centres that currently use Space, but rest assured, you are in complete control of both the Home app reviews and your Space listings:

  1. You can disable the in-app reviews at any time via a provider admin toggle in Office → Service Settings → App Settings → Reviews

  2. You’re also able to control the visibility of your reviews via the Reviews tab within your Space service dashboard. This means you can hide all reviews with the click of a button.

In order for Home app reviews to be enabled for your service automatically:

If you’ve not yet claimed your service’s listing on Space, reviews will not be enabled for your families automatically, but you can switch the feature on at any time from the provider admin toggle mentioned above. To register and claim your centre on Space, click here.

More Resources

We have several help articles about reviews, including an in-depth article about how the reviews work for Home app. We’d like to strongly encourage centres to let their families know via email or comms centre that the review feature is now available!

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