Discounts can be used in Office and created as a dollar ($) or a percentage (%) amount. Discounts in Office will also allow you to apply staff discounts in line with the DESE guidelines.

This guide will go through the process of creating, editing, applying and deleting discounts. 



The Discounts dashboard can be found be heading to the Financial Tab > Discounts. From here, you can use the filter to segment the discounts you are currently viewing, as well as use the search bar to find a specific discount. Any filters you apply will be saved for the next time you use this dashboard. 

Creating Service Discounts

1. From the Discounts dashboard, press the red + Add button in the lower right corner

2. Complete the pop-up form with the information relating to your discount. You can either choose an existing category or add a new category.



3. Select the service/s you would like this to be made available in. Press Save to complete the process.Screen_Shot_2022-02-09_at_2.17.43_pm.png


  • If you need to add this discount to another service, you will need to navigate to that service and re-create the discount.
  • Discounts cannot be applied to a stand-alone session e.g. If you wants to offer a discount for BSC but not ASC
  • This feature does not include automated discounts based on day of the week or number of sessions
  • When creating a new service discount, it will cap discounts at 95% and will disable dollar ($) value discounts for gap fee discounts only. This is so that services can ensure that employees pay at least 5% of their gap fee, as per DESE’s requirements


Editing Service Discounts

1. From the Discounts dashboard, select the discount you wish to make changes for.

2. In the Discount Details section, you can make changes to the Name and Category.


3. Press Update to save your changes. Any changes made will affect future bookings with this discount applied. 

4. You can track changes made to discounts by scrolling down and checking the Discount rate Change History.


5. This is where you can make changes to the rate of the discount. Please note, you can only change the numerical rate, not the type (% or $) of discount. Click +Change to begin the process, then fill out the fields in the form.


5. Select an effective start date. This will also update the byline to show you the number of services and children affected by the change.

6. Press save to action your changes. You will see pop-up with a confirmation of these changes. 


Archiving Service Discounts

1. From the Discounts dashboard, select the discount you wish to archive.

2. Press the Archive button in the lower right hand corner. You will see the following pop up.


3. To confirm this action, press archive again. 


Applying Child Discounts

Discounts are applied on a child by child basis.

1. Click on Profiles > Children > Select Child > Discounts


2. Click on Add and click the discount you wish to apply from the drop down list. This will pre-fill the form with the information relating to the selected discount.


3. Select the start date you wish to apply this discount for. If no end date is selected, this will apply as an ongoing discount. If you make changes to sessions that have already passed, please make sure your CCS submissions are up to date. 

4. You can now view any current (or past) discounts applied to the child on the Discounts page of their profile as well as the Master Roll and Parent Statement.

Child Profile View


Master Roll View


Parent Statement View


Recalling Child Discounts

Recalling a child's discount involves removing the discount from ALL sessions it was applied for. This may result in the need to resubmit sessions to notify CCS.

1. Go to Profiles > Children > Select Child > Discounts > Select Discount > Press Recall

2. You will see the following warning appear, indicating the date range that these changes will be applied to, as well as a reminder that parent balances will increase. If you wish to proceed, press "Confirm Recall".


3. You will then receive a pop-up confirming the recall has taken place, as well as the option to go to your CCS Submissions to re-submit sessions for the period of the recall. Press Done to return to the Discount Tab of the Child Profile.



User Permissions for Discounts

You can edit which Administrator Profiles on Office has access to creating and applying discounts

1. Go to Profiles > Administrators > Select Administrator > Permissions

2. Select which toggles you'd like to apply for this user and press 'Save'.


Adapt Current Fees for Discount Feature

This process is for services that previously created discounted fees/sessions and would now like to archive those fees and use the discount feature instead.

It is not mandatory to do this and using discounted fees will still work as normal. 

Important Note: You should only apply the below steps to sessions and bookings that have not been submitted to CCS. We highly recommend applying these to a future Monday to ensure the fees/discounts are the same for the week. 

Step 1. Create Discounts

The Discounts dashboard can be found be heading to the Financial Tab > Discounts.

Please follow these steps to create a discount. 


Step 2. Edit the fees on future bookings

You will need to update any future bookings that are using the original discounted fee, to the full fee so that the discount can be applied to the correct amount. 

The steps to update your future bookings will depend if you have Booking Patterns or if your bookings were added as singular bookings.

A Booking pattern will have a recurring booking icon and multiple singular bookings will not have the recurring icon. See below for an example. 


Edit fees for a child with a Booking Pattern

1. Open the Master Roll to the future week you would like to update the fees

2. Find the child and select their first booking for that week


3. Select 'Recurring booking' 

4. From date should be your selected future Monday

5. Edit the fee to the full fee

6. Select update 


7. Continue for each child


Edit fees for a child with Multiple Singular Bookings

1. Open the Master Roll to the future week you would like to update the fees

2. Select the tick next to the child's name (you can select multiple children if they will be moving to the same fee) 

3. Select edit


4. Choose a start date (the Monday of the future week) and an end date (whenever the child's bookings will finish in the future, this must be a Sunday) 

5. Select edit operations > Change fee

6. Select the full fee

7. Select preview > check these are the correct fees and children


8. Select the tick-box at the top of the preview box to select all bookings

9. Select 'Change Fee'


Step 3. Apply Discounts to Children

Discounts are applied on a child by child basis in the child profile.

Please see these steps on how to apply the discount to a child. Ensure the start date is the same date you 


Step 4. Archive Discounted Fees/Sessions

1. Settings > Service Settings > Fees

2. Select the old discounted fee/session


3. Select Archive


4. Enter the effective date (the future Monday where discount feature will be applied) 

5. If you receive an error "There are bookings currently using this fee past the effective date" then the fee is still attached to child bookings. You should go back and ensure you have followed this process for all children using the discounted fee/session.