Release Notes: 27th January 2022

We have some exciting enhancements to share with our services. 

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The following features will be live for all services on the 4th of February.


We’ve made a number of enhancements to reporting in Office based on customer feedback.

Wages to Revenue Report

We’re introducing a new financial report in Office called the Wages to Revenue report. Similar to the dashboard widget, this report shows revenue from bookings, wages from scheduled shifts in the roster and the percentage difference between the two. These improvements allow Admins to see how well their service is performing financially.

The report can be pulled for multiple services at the same time.

Occupancy Utilisation Report

We’ve added attendance figures to the existing Occupancy Utilisation report. This now shows Admins what percentage of children are not attending booked sessions, so they can better understand their centre’s booking limits.

Parent and Child Details Report

This report remains your single source of truth for all child and parent data. We’ve added a range of identifiers (e.g. Parent IDs, Service IDs) to the existing Master CSV to help Admins manage contact data across Office and other systems.

Product Monthly Wrap Ups

Did you see January’s Monthly Wrap Up? These Product Monthly Wrap Up articles can be accessed in our web products by clicking the lightbulb at the top of the screen.

Our Monthly Wrap Up Webinar was held on Thursday 3rd February at 10am AEDT, going through these new updates. You can view the recordings within the article.