Release Notes: 3rd December 2021

We have some exciting enhancements to share with our services. 

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The following features will be live for all services on the 10th of December.


Parent Statement (PDF) Improvements

Based on feedback from centre staff and parents, we are making changes to the parent statement (PDF). These changes wil help make the statement easier to read and understand.

We'll be rolling out these changes in phases. The first phase of improvements will be released on Friday, the 10th of December and will include the following:

  • Newest to oldest: You'll no longer need to scroll all the way down to look at the most recent activity in a statement. You can now read statement content from newest to oldest for all line items of each component of the parent statement. The Session Subsidy Report in Office will also be ordered from newest to oldest
  • Owing/credit terminology: In the “Your Account Balance” section of the parent statement, balance values will now appear as a positive number, with the words Balance Owing or Balance Credit, making it clear if a family’s account is in credit or owing
  • Display absences: The Session Summary will now include a column for absences to show whether a child was absent for a day
  • Session descriptions in transactions updates to include fee name: The description for an individual child’s session written in the Transactions section of the parent statement will now read [Child Name] - [Fee Name]. e.g, Dan Carter - Daily Fee. Note: This new description format will also be shown on the Account Screen
  • Payment Summary enhancements: The “Your Payment Summary” section that previously appeared on the first page of the statement has been changed:
    - “Your Payment Summary” is now labelled as “Your Direct Debit Summary
    - A scheduled payment status will now appear in this section. The statuses include:        completed payments, no scheduled direct debit payments, no payment details saved.
  • Child Summary relocation: We have moved the Child Summary to the first page of the statement. This means parents can view the year-to-date absences on page one
  • Set up payment details conditions: Previously, “set up payment details” appeared on a statement even when the account holder had already saved their details. This will now only appear if the parent has not saved their payment details. In addition, the “How to pay” information has been moved to the first page of the statement.

Comms Centre

The following features are now live.

  • Attachments in Comms Centre posts can now be viewed and opened when viewing published posts
  • We have added an icon to display the number of attachments on a Comms Centre post.


Playground App: Transport Lists

This feature is live on Playground App 2.11.0, available on the App and Play Stores.

Educators can now record all of the regulatory requirements for transporting children on buses or any other mode of transport. Transport lists make it easy for educators to quickly record the pick-up time, drop-off time, headcounts and medication or health events that happen during transport. You can find all the information you need to know about transport lists here.

Key features:

  • Record pick-up and drop-off time of children

  • See any allergies or medical information about a child on a transport list

  • Educator sign-off on the lists

  • In-transit headcounts

  • Quickly add children to a list from their grade, class, school, room, or default transport list

  • Exportable reporting via email and Playground Web

Product Monthly Wrap Ups

November’s Product Wrap Up is now available. Our Product Monthly Wrap Up articles can be accessed in our web products by clicking the lightbulb at the top of the screen.

Our next Monthly Product Wrap Up Webinar will be held on Friday, the 10th December at 11am AEDT. We’ll be going through November’s updates in Office and Playground. You can book in to attend the webinar using this link.