November 2021 Monthly Wrap Up

Welcome to the November edition of our monthly Product Wrap Up. Our Monthly Product Wrap Up Webinar will be held on Friday 10th December at 11am AEDT, going through these new updates. You can book in to attend using this link.

This past month we have released some much anticipated features across our products, check out the new features below!


Export Custom Data from Enrolment Form

Services using the Custom Enrolment form can now download a CSV file that captures responses to questions your service has customised or added to the enrolment form.

Parent Bank Details Report

To make things simpler, we’ve combined the No Bank Details and Bank Details reports into a single report, the Parent Bank Details report. This report allows you to see whether your parents have saved their bank details and have a payment token set up. You can find the report under Service Reports. It can be viewed across multiple Services within your Provider.

Parent Transaction Report

To help Administrators reconcile payments, the Settlement ID for payments is added to the existing Parent Transaction report. Settlement ID and date can also now be viewed in the Locked Period version of this report.

Attendance Summary Report

Administrators can save time by downloading the attendance report for multiple services simultaneously. This means attendance records can be viewed for children across multiple services. You will no longer need to download separate reports.

Comprehensive Payments Rejections Report

Administrators will now have access to a report that lists rejected direct debit payments. This information was previously obtained by calling Xplor or Debit Success Support. This report now lives under the Financial tab for you to access anytime.

CCS Session Subsidy Report

Recently, CCS introduced two types of events - Local Emergency and Minister’s Rules. The CCS Session Subsidy Report has been updated to now include the ‘Event ID’ provided by CCS for your reference.

Bulk Approve Timesheets

In the Rostering section in Office, Administrators can now select more than one Educator’s timesheets to approve at once.

CCS Event Details

Following the DESE’s recent introduction of CCS events, Administrators can now view the details of current and historical CCS events for a service. This includes Event ID, Event Start and End Dates and Event Description. You can find these details by going to ChildCare Subsidy > Service Registration Details.

If you click View details for any event, the number of Special Purpose Absences available to enrolled children will display.



Transport Lists

Educators can now record all of the regulatory requirements for transporting children on buses or any other mode of transport. Transport lists make it easy for educators to quickly record the pick-up time, drop-off time, headcounts and medication or health events that happen during transport. You can find all the information you need to know about transport lists here.


Reflections now appear in the print preview options when printing Observations and Canvas. These are Educator only reflections which are not shared with parents or families