Setting and Updating MyChildcare Finder Fees

Xplor Office reports to Child Care Finder your service's room fees and vacancies on a weekly basis. This helpful guide will help you manage your fees to ensure the information submitted is correct and up-to-date. For information regarding Submitted Vacancies, please see this guide. 

Helpful Notes

  • Office submits the median of all the fees attached to a room. If there are no fees attached to a room, your centre's default fee will be submitted in its place. 
  • Fees are submitted once at the end of the week, any updates after this submission will be included in the next week's submission.
Setting Up Fees for MyChildcare Finder
  1. Create a Room
    The age and type of this room will help determine the fee amount submitted to My Childcare Finder. 
  2. Create a Fee
    Please see the two ways you can attach a fee to a room. 

Attaching a fee via Fee Settings

Go to Settings > Service Settings > Fees > Select/Create Fee > Attach Room.

Attaching a fee via Room Settings

Go to Settings > Room Settings > Select the Room > Attach Fee.

How MyChildcare Finder Fees are Calculated
There are 2 determinants of the fees that are sent to MyChildcare Finder.
  1. Office will calculate the Median Fee from all the fees attached to a specific room. 
  2. In the event no fees have been associated with a room, the centre Default fee will be submitted. The default fee can be found in Settings > Service Settings > Fees > Under Type 'Default'.
Troubleshooting Incorrect Fees on MyChildcare Finder
  1. Check if your rooms are correctly set up to include the correct details.
    This includes age and room type.
  2. If MyChildcare Finder is reporting $0, your rooms may not have fees associated to them and your default fee may be set to $0.