End of Calendar Year in Office

The end of year is a busy time for childcare centres and we're trying to make this transition period as easy as possible in Office. 


You can also sign up to our End of Year Webinar series, where a member of our Training Team will take you through how to complete these processes in Office and answer any questions you may have. 

Here are a few things you can do to successfully organise your operations for the end of the calendar year.

Pause Payments

To ensure that no families are charged over the holiday or closure period, you can place a Pause Payment Schedule on all payments for your service.

To do this, go to Settings > Service Settings > Payment Integrations > Pause Payments > Enter the date range > Save.



Increasing Fees

If your centre will be updating their fee schedule for the new year, you can increase your fees ahead of time to ensure you start the year with parent accounts which are up to date and accurate. 

To increase your fees:

1. Go to Settings > Service Settings> Select Service > Fee Adjustments

2. Select the drop-down menu "Fee Type". A list of your existing fees will populate in the list. Select the fee you would like to adjust - you can select multiple if there are multiple fees being adjusted at the same value. 


3. Select the value that you would like to increase or decrease the fee by. For example: When you Increase By $5 an existing fee of $50 would become $55.


4. Select the date that you want the adjustment to be effective from. This means that you can add in adjustments ahead in time as bookings made for dates after the effective date will have the adjusted fee value.


5. Click "Apply".

6. Fee adjustments will be added in the "Fee Adjustment List" and apply automatically to all existing bookings with the same Fee Label from the effective date.

Screen_Shot_2019-09-26_at_12.22.25_PM.pngUpdate Bookings 

Depending on how you set up your bookings and rooms at your centre, you may need to update, remove or alter bookings in bulk on the Master Roll for the year ahead. 

Updating Bookings

To update a single booking:

  1. Navigate to Master Roll
  2. Select booking to edit
  3. Make the edit in this screen (change room, change fee, mark as absent, mark as holiday)
  4. Press Update 
  5. Done


To update multiple bookings:

  1. Navigate to Master Roll
  2. Select the child or children to have edits made
  3. Select the Edit button (top right)
  4. Select the date range to be applied to
  5. Select the days to apply to
  6. Select the Edit Operation(Change Room, Change Fee, Change to Absence, Change to Holiday)
  7. Select Preview
  8. Tick the checkbox for all the sessions
  9. Select Change(bottom right)
  10. Done


Deleting Bookings

To delete a single booking:

  1. Navigate to Master Roll
  2. Click on the Booking
  3. Press delete to the bottom right of the screen
  4. Confirm by selecting delete in the pop up
  5. Done


To delete bookings in bulk:

  1. Navigate to Master Roll
  2. Tick the checkbox of a single child or multiple children (to the left of the child's name)
  3. Select delete button from the top right corner
  4. Through this page select the date range and days to apply
  5. Select delete to the bottom right of this page
  6. Tick the checkbox to the top left to approve all bookings, then select delete bookings to the bottom right
  7. Done


Re-Enrolment Process

To ensure your re-enrolment is successful, the following conditions need to be met in order for the process to begin correctly:

  • Your primary carer's profiles has an up-to-date email address;
  • The child's profile is in an active status.

The form will remain open and available to make changes for 7 days, so please include this in your communications with families. Once families start completing their re-enrolments please note the following:

  • Parents/guardians cannot alter their Date of Birth (DOB) or Customer Reference Number (CRN).
  • Parents/guardians cannot see their existing attachments however, will be able to see the date on which an attachment was last submitted. 
  • The eDDR (electronic direct debit request) feature will not be a part of the re-enrolment form. Parents/guardians are to update all billing details through the Finance Tab on Home App or Web.
  • New booking pattern schedules will need to be discussed separately with the parent/guardians, with new CWAs and recurring bookings added in office to accompany these changes.
  • The re-enrolment form will only display the 2 most recently added emergency contacts. If a child has more than this, the parents can update these Contacts themselves following the steps outlined here




In Office, navigate to Profiles > Children




Search for the child you are re-enrolling and then click the blue re-enrol button.




If you would like to bulk re-enrol your children; simply tick all the children you'd like to re-enrol, and then click the Bulk Re-Enrol button. 





You will receive a message prompt requesting you to the confirm the re-enrolment action before it is sent to the parent(s).




The Primary Carer will receive a re-enrolment email requesting them to complete a new enrolment form.




Upon successful completion, the centre will receive a confirmation email of the re-enrolment.

The new details will appear in the child's profile and the new enrolment form will be saved in the attachments tab.