Attendance Summary Report Update

Administrators can now save time by downloading the Attendance Summary Report for multiple services, simultaneously. This means attendance records can be viewed for children across multiple services, as needed. You will no longer need to download separate reports. The final product will be emailed to the address of the logged in user.

What has changed?

When generated, this report will be emailed as a CSV file to the logged in user's registered email address. The previous automatic download, direct to your computer, has been replaced with this process.


Attendance summary reports in Xplor are now multi-service reports. Large reports, containing a lot of data, can take a little longer than single-service reports to generate. To avoid session time-outs, if the report requested is particularly large, we've changed how it's generated. It's now queued and emailed when ready.

Emailing the report ensures admins always get their data, and it's provided as fast as possible.