Release Notes: 19th November 2021

We have some exciting enhancements to share with our services. 

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The following features will be live for all services on the 26th of November.


Parent Bank Details Report

To make things simpler, we’ve combined the No Bank Details and Bank Details reports into a single report, the Parent Bank Details report. This report allows you to see whether your parents have saved their bank details and have a payment token set up. You can find the report under Service Reports. It can be viewed across multiple Services within your Provider.

Parent Transaction report

To help Administrators reconcile payments, the Settlement ID for payments is added to the existing Parent Transaction report. Settlement ID and date can also now be viewed in the Locked Period version of this report.

Bulk Approve Timesheets

In the Rostering section in Office, Administrators can now select more than one Educator’s timesheets to approve at once.

Playground App: Transport Lists

This feature is live on Playground App 2.11.0, available on the App and Play Stores.

Educators are now able to record all of the regulatory requirements for transporting children on buses or any other mode of transport. Transport lists make it easy for educators to quickly record the pick-up time, drop-off time, headcounts and medication or health events that happen during transport. You can find all of our support guides about transport lists here

Key features:

  • Record pick-up and drop-off time of children

  • See any allergies or medical information about a child on a transport list

  • Educator sign-off on the lists

  • In-transit Headcounts

  • Quickly add children to a list from their grade, class, school, room, or default transport list

  • Exportable reporting via email and Playground Web

Fixes & Enhancements

These bug fixes and enhancements are now live.


We have fixed the issue where the booking rules tab did not display the updated fee if the fee had an adjustment applied to it. The updated fee will now be displayed in “Booking Rules” according to the fee adjustment effective date.
Playground Web:

Reflections now appear in the print preview options when printing Observations and Canvas

Playground App:

Sleep events were not saving correctly for some users. This is now fixed.

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