Playground App: Transport Lists

Xplor is excited to announce the release of Playground App's newest feature, Transport Lists. This feature aims to assist your service in managing recording attendance and medical/incident events when you and the children in your care are on the move.

  • To use our newest feature, please upgrade to Playground App Version 2.11.0.


Create a Transport List

Creating a Transport List

To create a new transport list you will need to:

  1. Click on 'New List'

  2. Enter Transport List details

  3. Hit Save


Adding Children to a Transport List

To add children to a new transport list, you will need to:

  1. Click on 'Children Attending'

  2. Click 'Add Children'

  3. Select the children you wish to add. You can use the filters up the top to search.

  4. Click the + button to add the child/ren to the list or 'Select All'
  5. Click 'Add Children'
  6. Review the list and press 'Save' to confirm


Adding and Deleting Attachments

To add an attachment, such as an 'Action Plan':

  1. Click the + button under attachments

  2. The file explorer will pop up, find your saved file you would like to attach.
  3. Click on the file and it will attach to the transport list. 

To delete an attachment:

  1. Swipe to the left on the attachment to delete.


Duplicating a Transport List

  1. Click the image__8_.png (copy) icon on the list you wish to duplicate

  2. Select the date you wish to copy the list to
  3. Click 'Duplicate'.


Using a Transport List

Pick Up Children

  1. Click on relevant child, press 'Pick Up'

  2. Enter the time, sign into your educator account, and confirm the child's safety.

  3. Press 'Pick Up'.


Conducting a Head Count

A head count can be conducted for children that have been picked up.

  1. Click the green 'Head Count' button

  2. Click 'New Head Count' to start the head count. 

  3. Select the Children and Click Submit.

You can view the time and name of the educator who did the head count via the event timeline within the transport list. This will also appear in the head count reports via Playground Web.


Record a Medical Event

  1. Click on the picked up child

  2. Sign in your educator profile

  3. Click + Medical Event

  4. Click on either 'Medication Event' or 'Incident Report'
  5. Enter the details of the medical event
  6. Confirm the details and Save.


  • To record a 'Medical Event', the child must be signed in.
  • To record an 'Incident Event', the child must have a booking or signed in.


Deleting a Planned List

  1. Find the list you want to delete

  2. Swipe to the left on the list
  3. When prompted, press the delete button.


Getting Transport List Reports

Generate via Email

  1. Select a completed transport

  2. Click 'Send Report'

  3. Enter your desired email and the report will be send to you to download.


Generate via Playground Web

  1. Go to 'Reports'

  2. Click 'Transport'

  3. Find the Date of the Transport your need the report for
  4. Click the Screen_Shot_2021-11-19_at_4.09.46_pm.png icon under the 'Download Report' column.