How to Update your Billing Window

Xplor billing windows run from Monday to Sunday, as such you have the option to customise your billing window to reflect weeks in advance advance or in arrears.

Our friendly Xplor Success team can assist you to update your billing window. To do so, please see the following steps.

  1. Email [email protected] with the following details:

    Subject Line:
    Billing Window Change for [Enter your Service Name and Service ID]

    Update billing window to [enter one of the below window options] effective as of [enter date you'd like this to take effect].

    Billing Window Options
    Current Week
    Current Week + 1 Week
    Current Week + 2 Weeks
  2. One of our helpful Xplor Success Members will email you to confirm when the billing window has been updated. This will be actioned within 2 business days provided you have correctly included all the relevant information. 


  • Billing window updates are completed within 2 business days. Please ensure all billing window update requests are placed amply in advance.
  • Billing windows do run from Monday to Sunday, as such cannot be set to end in the middle of the billing week.