October 2021 Monthly Wrap Up

Welcome to October's Product Wrap Up. In these wrap-ups, you’ll find a list of all the things we’ve released in each product for the last month.

If you missed our webinar that ran through the product updates and how they look in Xplor, you can view the recorded webinars below. Keep an eye out to book into our November webinar!


Child List

We have revamped the child list to provide our users with more filtering options, the ability to add, sort or remove columns in the table and make bulk changes to specific child profile fields.

Grade, School and Transport Lists

We will be adding the fields Grade, School and Transport List to the child profile and child list pages in Office.

Custom Enrolment Form Changes

We will save versions of your custom enrolment form each time you make updates so that you can easily go back to a past version of your form when required. You will now be able to hide fields on the custom enrolment form that were previously locked and not editable.

Parent Gap Fee Report

We have released a new version of the Parent Gap Fee report that will show which children have had the gap fee waived for the date range selected and what amount was waived.

Comms Centre Attachments

When uploading attachments to a new or existing Comms Centre post in Office, you can now click on the attachment to view it in your web browser.

Legacy Menu Items

As part of our normal maintenance of the system, we are beginning a push to tidy up some of the older components of Office which are no longer in use. We have removed the following components from Office:

  • Learning - used for legacy learning components prior to the launch of Playground app and Playground web and currently in a read only state

  • Admin Post - used prior to the launch of Communication Centre and currently in a read-only state

  • Medical Timeline on Child Profile - used prior to the launch of Home app this information is viewable in Playground app and web

  • General Timeline on Child Profile - used prior to the launch of Home app, this information is available on Home and Playground apps