Service Approval Granted - how to create enrolments and backdate CCS

This article is for services that have already started using Xplor for attendance without a CCS connection, and now need to backdate CCS after receiving their CCS approval. 
This can also be used for services with parents that have signed their CWA late ie: if the child has already started attending care before the CWA was signed. Customers with this case should follow  steps 3&4. 
You will need to follow these steps for every child. 
  1. Create a CWA or RA for each child
  2. Have the parent approve the CWA in the Home app and confirm the enrolment in MyGov
  3. Backdate the enrolment start date
  4. Manually submit CCS for the previous weeks
Instructions for each steps are listed below as well as helpful troubleshooting tips that you can come back to and articles with more detailed information. It's important you read through this article thoroughly. 

1. Creating a CWA or RA

Create a CWA enrolments for all children that claim CCS. 

Before creating a new CWA, please make sure that:

  • The child is active on Office
  • The primary carer for the child is correct
  • Both the child and primary carer's DOB and CRN is correct on their Office profile
  • If the child/ren will attend regularly, ensure the child has at least 6 weeks worth of bookings on the Master Roll. If the child will attend casually or only during vacation care, at least one booking is required on the Master Roll

1. Go to 'Child Care Subsidy' > 'Government Enrolments' >  select refresh at the top until the list of children come through > select child's name > '+ New CCS Enrolment'.


2. Check the routine sessions. These generate automatically as per the Master Roll for that week. If the child attends casually or only during vacation care, leave it blank.

Click "Create" then "Done". This will release a draft CWA to the families.

If there are no routine sessions there, ensure you have put at least 6 weeks worth of bookings in the master roll for that child. 



3. Do this for every child that is claiming CCS.


If you have children that are attending care but are not eligible for CCS, you will need to create an RA enrolment for these children. 

Further help on that is here: CCS Enrolment guide
If you are receiving any error messages in the child's enrolment, you should refer to the bottom of this article: Troubleshooting CCS red error messages.

2. Parent Approval

Once you have created the CWA enrolment for the child, the primary carer listed on the child's CCS enrolment needs to approve the enrolment in both the Home app and MyGov.
Parents do not receive any notification through the app that their CWA is available for them to sign,you will need to inform the parents. 
You can send these instructions to your parents: CWA approval and CCS enrolment confirmation
Please note: It can take 48 hours for this to approve in the parents MyGov account.
Once the parent has done both of these steps, the status next to the child's name in the enrolment list will show as 'CWA' and when you click on the child's enrolment it will say 'CWA confirmed'
If there is a 'warning' next to the child's enrolment like below, click on the enrolment and use this guide under 'CCS enrolment statuses' to understand each status. There will also be a yellow notification explaining what the warning is referring to.
It usually means the parent has not yet confirmed this in MyGov.

3. Backdate the enrolment start date to when you opened care

Once the parent has approved these and is showing a confirmed CWA status in their government enrolment tab, you should backdate the enrolment start date to the day that you opened, or whenever the child started care at your service. 
The CCS enrolment start date is the date the parent agreed to the CWA. Legally, the start date for an enrolment may only be backdated to the date that a parent's written approval was signed. Understandably, there are circumstances where this may be delayed. Make sure that this reason is submitted.
1. Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select the child > on the enrolment select + actions.


2. Select Update enrolment start date.
3. Update the "Start Date" to be your opening date or when the child first attended care at your service. Add in a valid reason for updating then click "Update Enrolment start date".

4. Submit CCS for previous weeks

After you have backdated the CWA enrolment start date, you can go back to the previous weeks and manually submit CCS for every week they attended care. 
You need to do this individually for every child. You can only do this if you have backdated the enrolment start date. 
1. Go to "Child Care Subsidy" tab > "CCS Submissions" tab.
2. Search child by first or last name (so they are the only child on the list) and select the child.
3. On the calendar, navigate to the week you need to submit and select the Monday of that week. You can only submit on a weekly basis. 
4. Ensure you have selected the child's name > Click + Actions and "Run Submissions". 

If you are submitting outside of the approved submission window - 14-days for new submissions -ensure you provide a valid late reason as this can be held for manual review by the department. In some cases, this may lead to delays in payments to the provider.
5. Select Submit.
6. Once you are done, the submission will appear as "Received". Please allow up to one week for this to update to "Processed" and account for any CCS changes.
7. You will need to follow these steps for every child and for every week of CCS they have missed
Once the CCS for those weeks are processed, payments will appear on parent statements as a line item 'Weekly CCS subsidy' in the transactions list.
The CCS payment will appear on the parent statement for the Monday of the CCS week it was relevant to. It does not appear on the date that the CCS was paid.