How to End an Enrolment During a COVID-19 Hotspot

This guide will help you to cease a CCS Government Enrolment during a period where your centre is in a Commonwealth Declared COVID-19 Hotspot. Please view the Department of Health website or contact the CCS Help Desk to determine if you're in a Commonwealth Declared COVID-19 Hotspot.

When a child’s enrolment ceases and the first and/or last session was not attended, the Child Care Subsidy for any days after the last day the child physically attends is often withdrawn. During COVID-19, there may be periods of time during which your child care service is located in a local emergency area (LEA). You may, as a result, be permitted to apply a $0 COVID-19 Last Day of Care Session. Doing so will stop the previously permitted subsidy from being withdrawn.

Before making any changes to a child's attendance records, kindly seek confirmation from the CCS Help Desk for their guidance. 

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, the enrolment must be ceased:

  • by arrangement during a state and territory lockdown in a Commonwealth declared hotspot of more than 7 days, and;
  • on or after 12 July 2021.

The enrolment must either be:

  • at a service that is located in an area subject to a Commonwealth hotpot declaration, or;
  • for a child that lives in an area that is subject to a Commonwealth hotpot declaration.
What to do in Office (Administrators)?
  1. Create a new fee.
    Go to Settings > Service Settings > Click on your service > Fees > Tap on "+New Fee" at the upper right.
    • The session fee is $0.
    • The session start time is 10:00pm and end time is 10:15pm
    • The fee name is ‘COVID-19 last day of care’
    • The fee should be eligible for "Australian CCS"Article__0.png
  2. Create an additional booking with the ‘COVID-19 last day of care’ fee attached to the child's last day at your service.
  3. Record 10:00pm - 10:15pm as the child's attendance.
    Note: Compliance with eligibility rules and obligations under Family Assistance Law will be monitored.
  4. If you have made this change for a previous week, you will need to manually resubmit this session to the Government. Please view this guide for more help.