Managing a Disputed Enrolment

Amending a CCS Enrolment

Before making any changes to the CCS Enrolment, please discuss first with the parent and if you're unsure about anything in relation to the perspective changes, consult the CCS Help Desk.

When the Primary Carer actions the CCS Enrolment task in MyGov, they have the option to Confirm or Dispute the details of the enrolment.
Under "Are these enrolment details correct?", if the Primary Carer clicks "No", the enrolment will come back to the service as "Disputed". At this point, the Primary Carer must discuss the correct details of the child's enrolment with the service.


(Image: MyGov Parent View)

How to resolve a disputed enrolment?

Option 1: Incorrect enrolment schedule

Option 2: Incorrect Start Date

Option 3: Accidentally Disputed

If the Parent Approved CWA has the incorrect Enrolment Schedule (fees, session days and times):
Child Care Subsidy > CCS Enrolment > Search for the child > Click on + Actions > Update Enrolment Schedule.

Have the parent accept the CWA again, then confirm in MyGov.

Legally, the CCS enrolment start date is the date the parent had first agreed to the CWA which may be different to the child's physical start date.
The start date can be backdated with a valid reason.

Click on +Actions > Update Enrolment Start Date.

Have the parent confirm in MyGov.

For the parent to confirm the enrolment, a pending confirmation task must be created in the MyGov app.

To create this task, you can click on +Actions > Update Enrolment Start Date.

Leave the start date as is, it will be the original start date or date the CWA was confirmed.

You'll need to provide a valid reason prior to updating.

To see more troubleshooting guides for all enrolment statuses, click here.