September 2021 Monthly Wrap Up

Welcome to September's Product Wrap Up. In these wrap-ups, you’ll find a list of all the things we’ve released in each product for the last month.

If you missed our webinar that ran through the product updates and how they look in Xplor, you can view the recorded webinars below. Keep an eye out to book into our October webinar!


Scheduled Payments Cutoff Time Change

From Monday, September 13th 2021, we moved our daily scheduled payments cutoff time from 2pm AEST to 1pm AEST. We made this change in partnership with our payments provider to ensure the timely submission of transactions.


We introduced the ability for customers to send a re-enrolment form via Office, which can then be checked and updated by the parent and sent back to the service as a digital copy. This feature is available to customers who are using both the standard and custom enrolment forms.

Customers are able to access a print-friendly version of both the standard and custom enrolment forms so that paper copies can be provided when required.

QKFS Census Report

We have added a new QKFS Census report from our Queensland Kindy services. It can be found in Office under Reports → Attendance Reports.

Visitor Log Report

We have added a new report into Office that will allow customers to get visitor logs from within a selected date range.


Educator Notifications

Educators can now access their notification list on Playground Web. This notification list is the same notification list available on Playground App. Additional notification types will be added in the coming weeks for medication authorisations, transport lists, reflections, and parent comments on Documents, Canvas, and Tables.

Duplicating Learning Documents

Educators on Playground Web can now duplicate tables, canvas and documents with one click.

Linking Tables

Educators can now link Tables to Tables in Playground Web.

Hub Guests Visibility

Hub Guests are now visible to educators when using Playground App. Educators can now view all of the approved Hub Guests for a child by navigating to the child profile in Playground App.