Child Re-Enrolment

Welcome to the Re-Enrolment Guide. The following checklist has been designed to help set you up for success!




Re-Enrolment Checklist for Administrators

  • The primary carer's profile has an up-to-date email address;
  • The child's profile is in an active status.
  • The form expires in 7 days, please inform the primary carer of this timeframe. 
How to Re-Enrol a Child (Administrator)

Steps [in order]



In Office, navigate to Profiles > Children




Search for the child you are re-enrolling and then click the blue re-enrol button.

Note: The child must be in an active status to re-enrol.

If this child is returning for care, their profile may be inactive, and you'll need to set it back to active.




If you would like to bulk re-enrol your children; simply tick all the children you'd like to re-enrol, and then click the Bulk Re-Enrol button. 





You will receive a message prompt requesting you to the confirm the re-enrolment action before it is sent to the parent(s).




The Primary Carer will receive a re-enrolment email requesting them to complete a new enrolment form.

Note: The Primary Carer must have the correct email address in their parent profile. 




Upon successful completion, the centre will receive a confirmation email of the re-enrolment.

The new details will appear in the child's profile and the new enrolment form will be saved in the attachments tab.








  • Parents/guardians cannot alter their:
    • Date of birth;
    • Customer Reference Number (CRN).
  • Parents/guardians cannot see their existing attachments however, will be able to see the date on which an attachment was last submitted. 
  • The eDDR (electronic direct debit request) feature will not be a part of the re-enrolment form. Parents/guardians are to update all billing details through the Finance Tab on Home App or Web.
  • The Bookings section that appears on the enrolment form will not appear on a re enrolment form. New booking pattern schedules will need to be discussed separately with the parent/guardians, with new CWAs and recurring bookings added in office to accompany these changes..
  • The re-enrolment form will only display the 2 most recently added emergency contacts. If a child has more than this, the parent will contact the centre admin to discuss amending these. 
How to Complete a Re-Enrolment Form (Parents)
  1. Your childcare centre admin will send you an email requesting an updated enrolment form to initiate the re-enrolment process. 
    This will go to the Primary Carer's registered email. If this has changed, please update this with your centre admin and request a new re-enrolment form. 

  2. When completing the re-enrolment form, please take note of the following: 
    • Parents/guardians cannot alter their:
      • Date of birth;
      • Customer Reference Number (CRN).
    • New booking schedules will need to be discussed directly with the centre. 
    • If you need to update your billing details, please see this guide to help you.
    • If you have new documents to give your centre, you'll be able to see the date previous documents were submitted if at all.
    • For emergency contacts, you'll be able to see the 2 most recently added contacts on this form. If you need to amend other contacts not seen on this form, please contact your centre admin.
  3. Upon completion of the re-enrolment, you will receive a confirmation email.
    If you have any questions at this point, please reach out to your centre admin to discuss. 
Reporting Options

Office provides a Re-Enrolment report so you can easily manage and track completed and outstanding re-enrolment forms.

Location: Reports > Service Reports > Re-Enrolment

The from and to dates the generated report is based on is the date the administrator sent the re-enrolment form(s).


The report will show:

  • The full name child and the first name of the guardian. 
  • The status of the re-enrolment;
    • Pending - The primary carer has yet to complete the form.
    • Expired - This re-enrolment is no longer active, as these expire after 7 days.
    • Completed - The primary carer has completed the re-enrolment 
  • Day the re-enrolment form was sent;
  • The day of completion, if applicable.
Re-Enrolling Troubleshooting
Error Resolution

This link has expired, please kindly check:

  • The primary carer is using the most recent link that has been sent, and/or;
  • The link is valid within a 7 day window from the day the re-enrolment was sent.

To resolve:

  • Please prompt a new re-enrolment form via the child table (Profiles > Children)

Please see the possible, most common reasons for a parent to reach this page.

  • The browser page has timed out due to the parent taking too long to complete the enrolment form and must start again.
  • The relationship of the emergency contact to the child has not been filled in by the parent.
  • The emergency contact's full name has not been provided in the form. 
  • The parent has more than 1 profile at your centre, and is trying to update their email to one that already exists in your service.