First week of Scheduled Payments

Congratulations on reaching the final milestone in Onboarding! Direct Debit Payments are now generated automatically in Xplor.

This is determined by the parent's payment plan, the account holder's balance, and the set billing window for your service. 

This article will go through tips and tricks for checking your first scheduled payments in Xplor. For more information on understanding how scheduled payments work in Xplor, check this article. 

Important Note: You have until 12:50 AEST to reject or adjust payments. 

Navigate to Financial > Scheduled Payments to check the direct debits due to come out for the week.


Tips for checking your first direct debit payments

TIP 1: Filter by the day of the week. 

Use the filters in Scheduled Payments to filter for the specific day you want to look at. This is useful if all account holders at your service are on different direct debit payment days. 



TIP 2: Sort "Deductible Amount" or "Amount Due" by the largest amount to smallest amount. 

Select the heading column to sort by the largest to smallest amount. 



TIP 3: Select the Account Holder name to quickly check their statements. 

If the "Amount Due" does not look correct to you, you can investigate further by checking the parent statement.




Why is the Amount Due/Deductible Amount incorrect?

Check the parent statement for 3 things:

  • Daily Fees
    • Are the booking days correct? If this does not look correct, check the Master Roll.

  • Daily CCS Estimates/CCS Payments
    • Are CCS estimates generating? If CCS estimates are not generating, check the account holder's CCS enrolment and entitlements
    • Has CCS been paid? If it has not, Click here to troubleshoot. 

  • Balance Import
    • If you are migrating from QikKids, all balances imported are approved by someone from your service. This appears as a lump amount in Xplor parent statements. If this looks incorrect, refer back to QikKids if you need to investigate the amount further. 
    • Talk to your Onboarding Specialist if you have any more questions regarding the balance import. 

Why is the Amount Due and Deductible Amount different?

  • Check the parent's payment plan to check if there is a direct debit limit or a fixed amount.  
  • Someone has manually adjusted the deductible amount. Click the "Approved" status for more information. 
  • The balance has been updated (change in bookings, CCS changes) since the amount was initially generated. 

Why are some parents not included in the current week's direct debit payment?

  • Parent details were not imported.
    • This could be due to the account holder in QK being different to the account holder in Xplor.
    • The best way to fix this is to ask the account holder to save their payment details again. 
  • The account holder may be paying fortnightly, and the current week may be their off week. 
    • Check the parent's payment plan to check. 

  • The account holder is owing less than $2.
    • Check Financial > Parent Accounts to check. 

  • The account holder has "Do Not Debit" ticked in their Scheduled Payment Settings. 

You can manually generate a one-time payment if you need to direct debit an account. 


Why are some parents paying on a Thursday?

If the parent did not have an existing payment plan previously, it will default to Weekly on a Thursday in Xplor.

Update the parent payment plan by referring to this article


Useful Reports

No Bank Details:

Outlines all active account holders who do not have payment details saved in one CSV report.

Go to Reports > Service Reports > No Bank Details Report. This can be generated on a service level only. 

Parent Billing Report

Outlines the payment plan that all active account holders are on in one report.

Go to Reports > Service Reports > Parent Billing Report. This can be generated on either a provider level or service level.