Bulk Gap Fee Waiving


Welcome to the Bulk Gap Fee Adjustment Guide. Before getting started, please have a look at the following checklist to set you up for success!

  • The Master Roll is up to date; all bookings should be accurately marked as either attendance or absence.
  • If this is a COVID-19 related absence as a result of the Lockdown, the booking should be marked as 1 of the 3 "Local emergency" CCS absence reasons.
  • You have received the CCS Payments for the relevant week.
Bulk Gap Fee Adjustment Tutorial Video
How to enable the Bulk Gap Fee Adjustment Feature
    1. In Office, go to Settings > Service Settings > Click into your centre > App Settings Tab
    2. Scroll down to the Office section > Waive Gap Fees option and toggle this on then hit Save
How to Bulk Waive Gap Fees

Steps [in order]



In Office, navigate to Financial > Gap Fee Adjustments.




Select the week you would like to waive Gap fees for.




Check to see if CCS entitlements have been received for the week in question. You will see a red '!' next to accounts which have no CCS entitlement information. This means that the full fee amount will be waived as no CCS has been received.




You have the following filtering options:

  • Fees already waived or not yet waived.
  • Booking types:
    • Attendance, or;
    • Absences
  • Day of the Week
  • Room

Where children have attendances and absences in the same week, by using the absence filter and clicking search, you can choose to waive the absence Gap fee only (video below).


With the number of filters available, please note that you can only waive a child's gap fee one time per week using this feature. Additional changes will need to be be made via Financial Adjustments.






Select the child and/or children whose Gap fee you'd like to waive.

  • You can tick children one by one.
  • The top tick box (orange arrow in the adjacent image) will select all children who appear in the table below. 




In the top right-hand corner, select the red "Waive Selected" button.  



Read the confirmation message; if you agree, click the red "Continue" button.  



You have successfully bulk waived Gap Fees! This will show on the Parent's Statement as a credit with the description "Balance Adjustment - Gap fee waived in week [week date] for child [child name]"


  • You can only waive gap fees after the CCS payment has been made to the centre.
  • You cannot undo the waiver once submitted. You can do a financial adjustment to correct the account if the waiver was done in error.
    • If you wish to waive more fees - use the financial adjustment type Discount/Credit
    • If you wish to reverse the fee waiver - use the financial adjustment type Miscellaneous Fee