August 2021 Monthly Wrap-Up

Welcome to the first edition of our monthly Product Wrap Up. In these wrap ups, you’ll find a list of all the things we’ve released in each product for the last month so without further ado, let’s hop into August’s wrap up!


Queensland Early Childhood Education and Care Services (ECEC) Census 

The Queensland Early Childhood Education and Care Services (ECEC) Census is an annual data collection exercise run by the early childhood education and care sector. Services have until Sunday 12 September 2021 to complete the survey.

To obtain this reporting data from Xplor for this survey, please contact Xplor Support via email at, with the subject line "ECEC Census". 

CCS Enrolments

  • Customers can now create a new CCS enrolment in Office without needing to add any bookings

  • Customers can now click on a session on the CCS submissions page and be automatically redirected to the booking in Master Roll to make any changes

  • We have increased the file size to 3 megabytes per attachment on the custom enrolment form

  • Customers will no longer see the status NOT SUBMITTED when viewing a child that has no bookings for the selected week on the CCS submissions page.

CCS Entitlements Report - Customers will be able to run a new report in Office to identify any changes to a child’s CCS entitlements within a defined date range.

Locked Period Reporting - Customers will now be able to choose whether to include unlinked parents when running locked period reports.

MYOB Integration - We have ended support of the Xplor Office to MYOB integration.

Booking/Absence Requests - This new feature prevents the Admin from needing to follow up with the parent to ask which session was requested absent. Admins will now not require parents to attach notes in their booking requests.

DB Replica Improvements - Super Admins who have this feature enabled can download delta file extracts of their Office database. These extracts are generated on a daily basis.

Room-Level Fees - Administrators can now attach fees to rooms in Office. This simplifies how bookings are managed, as well as reducing errors when bookings are created or updated.

Bulk Gap Fee Adjustments

To help services currently impacted by COVID-19 and other future local emergencies, we are introducing the ability to waive gap fees in bulk for families on a weekly basis. 

Submitting Fees to Childcare Finder

We have built-in the ability for fees to be shown for services listed on Childcare Finder, so customers or prospective families can see live fee data when viewing a centre.

Custom Enrolment Forms

We have resolved a bug that prevented a small group of parents from completing the custom enrolment form. The form has since been resent to any parents that were impacted.


After Hours Incident Records - Educators in the Playground App can now make incident records and medication events for children that aren’t currently signed into the room.

Health Event Reporting - Educators can now filter and download reports on all health events (sleep, toileting, sunscreen, nutrition, medication) and incident records on Playground Web.

Observations - Educators can now duplicate observations with one click.


Red Nose Day - For the month of August, families were able to donate to Red Nose directly from the Sign In screen or the Finance section. 

Booking/Absence Requests - When a parent marks an absence, late or holiday request in the Home app, and has selected a specific session that they will not be attending, the request will be passed through to Office with only the session marked absent sent to the Admin.


Virtual Tours - Centres can now add virtual tours through our partner, Little Hinges. Click here to see an example.

Room & Fee Changes - Centres can configure fees against caretypes and rooms in a much more flexible way.

Office Waitlist Sync - Office users that use Space can now sync their entire Office waitlist to Space in a few seconds. Here's how it works.

Multiple Tour Windows - Centres can now add multiple tour timeslots for a single day.

Withdraw Enquiry (Parent Dashboard) - Parents can now mark themselves as "No longer seeking care" which will mark their enquiry as expired.

Shortlisting (Parent Dashboard) - Parents can now shortlist centres for easier enquiry lodgement.