Release Notes: 20th August 2021

We have some exciting enhancements to share with our services. 

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Home App

Session-based Booking/Absence Requests

This feature is live now.

When a parent makes an absence, late or holiday request in the Home app, and has selected a specific session that they will not be attending, the request will be passed through to the office with only the session marked absent sent to the Admin.

This new feature prevents the Admin from needing to follow up with the parent to ask which session was requested absent. Admins will now not require parents to attach notes in their booking requests.

The following features will be released on 27th August.

Playground App

After Hours Incident Records

Educators in the Playground App can now make incident records and medication events for children that aren’t currently signed into the room.

There is now a list with all children enrolled in the centre. You can find this under the Medical section of the Health tab, listed under the “Other, Children Not Signed In” section.

Educators can now opt to select one of these children to create an incident record for.

Playground Web

Health Event Reporting

Educators can now filter and download reports on all health events (sleep, toileting, sunscreen, nutrition, medication) and incident records on Playground Web.


DB Replica Improvements

Super Admins who have this feature enabled can download delta file extracts of their Office database These extracts are generated on a daily basis.

Room-Level Fees

Administrators can now attach fees to rooms in Office. This simplifies how bookings are managed, as well as reducing errors when bookings are created or updated.


An enhancement that is live now.

Playground Web

Educators can now duplicate observations with one click.