Data preparation - QK customers


After your welcome call, your Onboarding Specialist will ask you to complete some Data Preparation in QK. This is a very important task to complete in QikKids at your earliest convenience and confirm once it is complete.

Your onboarding journey will not be able to start until the data preparation is done. If this takes more than a week, your onboarding journey will be delayed accordingly. 

Why do I need to do data preparation?

The data preparation ensures that we can accurately transfer the correct information from QikKids to Xplor without missing key details. If not done correctly, key information may be missing from your parent and child profiles and you will need to add these manually. 

Data Preparation Steps

This task will require you to go through each child's profile and:  

  1. Check Authorisations ticked for Contacts in QikKids 
  2. Check that Guardian 2 has been selected in the General tab in QikKids
  3. Clearly label any children in shared care (m) or (d)
  4. Update any children that are inactive or waitlist, if you would like them to be migrated to Xplor

Watch the video for help with this and step by step instructions below. 


1. Authorisations 

For each Account Go to the Contacts Tab > Edit contact > Authorisations tab > Tick "Emergency" and anything else that's applicable.

Emergency: A person who is to be notified of an emergency involving the child if any parent of the child cannot be immediately contacted.
Collection: A person who has been given permission by a parent or family member to collect the child from the education and care service.
Medical: A person who is authorised to consent to medical treatment of, or to authorise administration of medication to, the child.
Excursion: A person who is authorised to authorise an educator to take the child outside the education and care service premises.

If there are no authorisations ticked, we will assume the child does not have emergency contacts, and will import with gaps. You will then need to manually enter the missing emergency contacts. 


2. Check that Guardian 2 has been selected in the General tab in QikKids

  1. In QK in the left side Accounts Screen click on a parent name.

  2. In the side window to the right select the General Tab > click on Guardian 2 dropdown menu and indicate on the drop down who the second parent is

  3. Perform this task for all families




3. Children in shared care

Clearly label any children in shared care Eg. (M) or (D) -- or any preferred naming convention

This will ensure that the child is transferred into Office with the separate profiles intact

4. Inactive and Waitlist Children 

Locate the children who are currently inactive or waitlisted but will be returning to care or any that you would like to be migrated to Xplor. This includes accounts in the 'inactive' screen that you may want to bring over in order to manage their balances.

Make them active so we capture them in the data migration – To do this,

  1. Go to the Booking Tab 
  2. Create an Active Casual Booking
  3. This will make the Account Active but not put an attendance on the Roll.

Ensure any children who have had their bookings SUSPENDED in the Bookings Tab have had this box unticked. Otherwise the Reports will not recognize this account as active. For where to find this box click here. 

If you would like to ensure inactive accounts migrate over to QikKids, please see this video for the steps.