Recording Bond Payments in Xplor

If you have taken any bonds or deposits from families, you will need to record these in Xplor. There is no way to import these in bulk. 

Bond payments taken from parents can be recorded in Office. Bond payments recorded here are recorded separate to the financial statement. This gives administrators the ability to record these payments without the money being used to pay off fees, allowing the money to be returned easily when the parent ends care.


Recording a Bond Payment

If you would like to record the receiving of a bond payment for a child please go to Financial > Bond Payments

Under 'Record A Bond Payment', Enter the date of the payment > Select the child name > Select the parent name > Set the type of bond as 'Receiving' > Enter the Amount > Any comments you would like recorded on the bond entry > Click Add Payment. 

NOTE: Any Bond Payments will not be recorded on the parent's account statement.