Welcome Call Overview

There are two key tasks during setup that occur during the Welcome Call. Your onboarding specialist will create your Xplor Office database prior to calling you for the first time.

Who should be on the Welcome Call?

It's important that the person on your end that takes the welcome call is someone that will be available throughout the 4-5 weeks of your onboarding journey. This person should have access to the service data, such as parent and child profiles and information, bookings and parent communication. 

This person will be the 'project manager' of the onboarding journey, be a strong project leader for the assigned tasks and responsibilities and communicate with your stakeholders, including centre director, educators and parents, what needs to be done as timely as possible.

So what happens during the Welcome Call?

Meet your onboarding specialist for the first time! Your onboarding specialist will be your point of contact throughout your transition.

A calendar invitation is issued for you to meet at an agreed date and time.

Create an onboarding plan together with your onboarding specialist.

Your specialist will lead this consultation with your availability for milestone progression and talk you through what is entailed on this journey. Discuss your expectations with your specialist and they will customise and design your onboarding plan as much as possible to suit your needs.

Ask any questions you have about your onboarding process

Decide how your Data will be populated

For QK customers, your onboarder will be able to access most of your data and import this for you. Your onboarder will discuss this with you, and you will be expected to review and approve this data.  

For new centres and external software, there are a few options available to you on how to populate the data. Your onboarder will discuss these with you. 

Discuss family payment options

Inform your onboarding Specialist of your families preferred payment schedules and billing format and if you have decided to use our Payment Gateway for automatic family billing (Debit Success). If so - you may be contacted separately by our Payments team to sign a Merchant Agreement.

Decide on your Go Live date.

For QK and existing customers, this is usually 4 weeks after your call. This will be the week you stop using your existing software and the first week of using Xplor Office for Digital Attendance, Billing, CCS submissions and possibly payments. 

For new centres, generally this will be the first date you open and become operational.

Arrange contact options
Arrange and agree on regular Onboarding check in meetings. Your specialist will contact you at these agreed dates and times throughout your project implementation. Additional consultation calls can be scheduled throughout the onboarding timeline however as your specialist will be onboarding other services at the same time, any ad-hoc communication outside of these scheduled calls will be managed via e-mail.

Office - Service Configuration

You will be trained in the welcome call to configure your service settings. Your onboarding specialist will show you how to add Fees, Rooms, Framework settings and other administrator users. There is more help on these tasks within this onboarding guide. 


If you have taken custom enrolment forms, discuss editing the form with your specialist.