Setup - Service Settings, Adding Rooms, Fees and more

Migrating from QK 

If your Service is Migrating from QikKids to Office, we will Migrate your current Centre Set Up, Fees & Rooms into Office. 

Please take note, that at this time – only Daily Fees can be migrated from QikKids. If you need help adding further information please see the articles linked below. 


New Setup

You will be trained in the welcome call to configure your service settings. 

Add your service settings including - Fees, Rooms, Bookings rules, Pay items, Framework settings and other administrator users

If you have taken custom enrolment forms, discuss editing the form with your specialist.

If you have QKFS - Advise your onboarding specialist and they will support you in adding the programmes

You can watch the webinar on setting up your service here

For help with each or these, please see the relevant articles linked below:

Fees: Adding, Adjusting & Deleting a Fee 

Pay Items: Add a Financial Adjustment (Scroll down to Pay Items)  

Rooms: Adding, Removing or Updating a Room 

Users : Adding a New Administrator Profile 

Learning Frameworks: How to use the Frameworks (if using Playground) 

App Settings: We will set your Office Platform with the settings that match your Package. 

Mobile Booking Requests: Managing Mobile Bookings (Service Settings) 

Debit Success Pay Now: Making Ad Hoc (Pay Now) Payments  

Enrolment Form: Online Enrolment Form 

Rostering: Roster Overview 

Playground: Playground (Educators)