Thursday - Balance transfer from QK

The balance migration will not happen until Thursday of your go-live week. This is an overview of the process, do not do this until your onboarder has instructed you to. 

What's the process?

Unlike the rest of the migration process, the balance transfer from QK to Xplor will mostly be done by you. This is because it is extremely important information and the report will require you to match families names. Only you will know this information. 

On Thursday of your go-live week, your onboarder will provide you with an empty balance template with all list of all the primary carer that are in Xplor. 

You will need to do a few things in QK to get the accurate balances for families. These include: 

  • Mark all attendances on the rolls for each room in pencil 
  • Generate a balance report in QK 

When you have generated the report, it will give you a list of each families remaining balance. 

You should then enter in each families remaining balance from the QK report, into the balance template your onboarder provided to you. 


Instructions for Balance Transfer from QK 

1. Make all future bookings in Pencil and remove charges from the roll

Make sure all the bookings are in pencil in QikKids from and including the Monday of Go-live week – this will ensure parents aren’t charged in both programs.

To remove Charges on the Rolls – Go to Rolls > Highlight the Children on the Roll > Click on Remove > Go to Show Hidden > Highlight all the Children > Click on Remove > Then click on Count All and they will all come back to pencilled. 


2. Generate a Balance Report

Go to the Reports Page > Go to Debtors > Use the report Family Balances at Date (ex Bookings) and the date you need the report for is the Sunday before your Go Live in Xplor. 


3. Input balances into the spreadsheet.

Your Onboarding Specialist will provide you with a Balance Transfer sheet – you will need to enter in the balances from the Family Balances at Date (ex Bookings Report) into the transfer sheet. 

You can add either a credit or owing amount. 

Please note: In Xplor, only the primary carer can have a balance. If your report shows two parent balances for one family, you will need to add this amount. 


Provide the completed Balance Transfer Sheet to your Onboarding Specialist for upload into Office.