Monday - Providing CCS Codes from PRODA

CCS Codes we require 

The CCS codes we need from PRODA are: 

  1. Person ID/Management & Control Person ID: (A 10-digit number and normally starts with '01')
  2. CCS Provider ID: (9 numbers starting with a '1', and will end with a letter)
  3. PRODA RA Organisation/Org ID: (10 digits long, and must only contain numbers)
  4. You will also need to register a new B2B device for Xplor.
  5. Please provide a screenshot of your B2B device name and device activation code.


How to find CCS Codes in PRODA. 

Please note: Only a person with Management & Control access can register a new B2B device, it’s important you request this person to provide the codes. If you do not know who this is, please contact CCS helpdesk.  

You will need to login to PRODA to find the codes below. 

1. Person ID/Management & Control Person ID.  

This is a 10 digit number and normally starts with '01' e.g., 0127492083 

  1. Log into PRODA 
  2. Go to Services menu 
  3. Click on Provider Entry Point widget 
  4. Person ID is in the top right hand corner. 


2. CCS Provider ID 

Your CCS Provider ID will have 9 numbers starting with a '1', and will end with a letter. E.g., 190028378T. This is different from your CCS Service ID.  

  1. Log into PRODA 
  2. Go to Services menu 
  3. Click on Provider Entry Point widget 
  4. Your service and provider will be listed. Next to the provider name click “Actions” and select. 
  5. Your provider ID will be displayed in the middle of the purple banner up top. Step 6. Provide this to your Onboarding Specialist 
  6. Log out in the top right corner. This takes you back to PRODA 


3 & 4 RA/Organisation Number, Registering a new B2B device and Device Name, One Time Activation code

  1. In PRODA Go to Organisations menu  
  2. Click on the Provider name 
  3. Go to B2B Devices 
  4. Click register new B2B Device 
  5. Create a device username (cannot be the same as old one) Description optional. 
  6. Generate code 
  7. Quote the RA number, Device username and Device activation code to your Onboarding specialist or send a screenshot. 

Please send a screenshot of the registration receipt to your Onboarding Specialist. 

Select this article for instructions for more instructions to register a new B2B device: