Adding Bookings

After you've added the Parent & Child Profiles, you can add booking patterns for individual children. 

Booking Patterns are a sequence of bookings for a child or multiple children that are automatically populated in Master Roll. 

Please note: You will need Rooms and Fees in your account to add a Booking Pattern

Adding a Booking Pattern

  1. Log in to Office and navigate to Master Roll

  2. To create a booking pattern for a single child, either click the + icon or the checkbox next to the child’s name and then Add+ in the top right hand corner. You can select multiple children at one time by selecting the grey box next to each child's name so it shows an orange tick. 

  3. When creating a booking, the default will be a single booking. Click on the Recurring Booking tab to start creating a pattern

  4. You can click the icon on the left hand side to add additional children to your booking pattern

  5. You will then need to select a frequency (Weekly or Fortnightly), choose the days of the week you want to create bookings for, and the start and end dates for the booking pattern. Please note: bookings cannot be created more than 2 years into the future

  6. Select which room and fee you would like to use in your pattern, then click Create.
    Please note
    You can attach a fee to a room by following THIS process. Once a fee is attached, this fee will be the only option to select in the Master Roll.