Adding Parent & Child Profiles using the Enrolment Form

There are a few options to populate your Xplor Office database with child and parent information as listed below. Consider and discuss with your onboarder which suits your best.

If you have the online enrolment form in your package, it is our recommendation to use this to add Parent & Child information. 

You can find your enrolment form: 

Settings > Service Settings > select your service > select the 'enrolment' tab at the top > Highlight, copy and paste the Enrolment Link into an email for parent.


New Centre

Email the digital enrolment link to your waitlisted families. Once they have filled it in and submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Activate the children's profiles as they are received, for parents to receive a ‘Welcome to Xplor e-mail’

Existing Centre 

If you are an existing centre, you can still use the enrolment form and enter in the details on behalf of parents. 

Open the enrolment form link and fill out the details you have on file for children and parent details. 

Alternatively, you can add these details manually.

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