Billing plans / payment method report for families  

Billing plans / payment method for families  

What’s the process?  

Your onboarding specialist will retrieve a report from QK with your family's direct debit plans. Your onboarder will then send this report to you in an excel format to review and to send back as soon as possible so that they can import this into Xplor.

These plans represent what day and frequency the money will come out of the parent account, it does not represent what period they are charged for, this will be done separately.

It is very important you check these are correct for each family. Below is a summary of what is in the report, and what you should check.  

How do I check the billing plans?  

You should do a general check that each families payment plans on the report are correct. 

If any details are missing, ie: Frequency or Payment Day, please fill in the missing information. 

Ensure all changes are made directly onto the spreadsheet. 

Below are explanations of each column.

Parent / Child name  

In Xplor, only the primary carer can have a direct debit plan. The report will only show those primary carers.  

Please note: Please do not edit the names on the spreadsheet. These names have been matched exactly to what is in Xplor, if they are different, they will not import correctly.  

If some names look different or completely new, that is because they have been matched to the name the parent signed on their direct debit form or their CCS enrolment. It is likely these are parent’s legal/maiden names. 


Families will run on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule. Ensure these are correct for each family. 

Please note: In Xplor monthly is every 4 weeks.  

Payment day  

Xplor charges parents Monday – Friday. If a parent has Sunday or Saturday on their plan, please change this to a preferred weekday. If you don’t change this, your onboarder will update it to either a Monday or Friday.  

Please fill in the gaps for any blank payment days. If parents are on the report and have never had direct debit, that's fine you can leave them blank.  

Start date  

This is important for those that run on fortnightly/monthly schedules, you should check these start dates run on the correct week. The start date is always the Monday of that week.  

If you aren’t sure of their original start date, check what week they are next due to be billed in QK and you can add this date. 

Direct debit limit  

A direct debit limit is the maximum amount a family can be debited at any time. Please check these amounts are correct and if any are missing, add these as a single number (no $ signs).  

Fixed amount  

If a family has a fixed amount, they will be debited that exact amount every time, no matter their balance. Ensure these are correct, add any if they are missing.  

Parents that are no longer on direct debit

If any parents were previously on a direct debit plan or have ever added their bank details and now no longer want to be debited, you will need to manually pause their payment plans in Xplor - once your onboarder has imported these. Otherwise, they will go back onto a debit plan and be charged.  

Instructions on how to do that are here under 'pause payment plan’. It is your responsibility to do this for any families who no longer want to be charged via direct debit.  

New Parent’s Direct Debit Plans 

Once you Go Live in Xplor, all new enrolments that sign up to direct debit will default to a plan that runs Weekly on a Thursday.  

You can change this schedule in a parent's individual payment plan settings. It is not possible to change the default plan.