Monday - Attendances

There are three ways to mark a child’s attendance in Xplor: 

The Hub – Parents only  

Parents can use the Hub to sign their child in, this is the preferred method.  

Please note: Educators cannot use the Hub to mark a child’s attendance on behalf of a parent. They should use the Master Roll or Playground to do this.  

Please see the parent sign-in guide for more help on how parents can sign in on the Hub.   



Master Roll – Xplor Office  

If parents are having trouble signing in, you can use the Master Roll in Xplor Office. You will need access to Xplor Office via to do this  

To sign a child in via Master roll:  

  1. Open Xplor Office and select Master Roll 
  2. Find the child you want to sign in and click on their booking for that day 
  3. At the bottom, select add attendance 
  4. Select the sign in time 
  5. Select the Educator signing them in from the dropdown 
  6. Select Update at the bottom  
  7. Screen_Shot_2021-08-05_at_11.41.12_am.png
  8. The booking should now be blue in the master roll  


Playground App  

If you have the Playground App, educators can use this to sign a child in on behalf of a parent.  

To sign a child in via Playground App 

  1. Tap into your room of choice and log in with your educator credentials 
  2. Navigate to the Attendance tab 
  3. Tap a booked-in child to show the attendance event popup and select sign-in  
  4. Tap Save