Go Live Week Overview

Congratulations on reaching your live week! This will be your first week of using Office for Digital Attendance, Billing, CCS submissions. This will be a busy week, but once you settle in and parents become more familiar with Xplor, you will start to enjoy the efficiencies the platform brings. 

Before Go-Live week 


It is extremely important to watch the live or recorded webinars so you are fully prepared to start using Xplor. This includes educators watching the Playground webinars if you are using this. 

Help here: Training with Xplor

CCS submissions QK or other softwares  

Please ensure you submit CCS in QK/other softwares by EOD Friday before go live. This will be your final CCS submission in your previous software. You should retrieve these by Tuesday of live week.  


Ensure your parents are signed up to Home so they are ready to sign in using the Hub on Monday. If they have not signed up by Monday, you will need to use the Master Roll in Xplor Office to take attendance or Playground if you have this.  

Help here: Checking active parents.


Check that the bookings for live week are correct, you can do this in the Master Roll and should scroll to the correct week using the date picker at the top.  

Help here: Editing bookings

Digital attendances using the Hub  

Setup the Hub ready for parents to sign in on Monday. You will no longer be using Kiosk to capture any attendances.   

Help here:

Finding your Hub login details

Setting up the Hub

Final payments  - Debit Success customers

As discussed with your onboarding specialist, no direct debit payments will be taken in QikKids or in Office during your live week. 

For QK customers, final payments through direct debit should be made by Friday BEFORE Go-live. 

Do not run payments (autochargein QikKids for Go Live Week

Final Payments - other softwares

You should discuss final payments with your previous software, however it is usually done the week before you go-live in Xplor. We recommend not taking direct debit payments during live week in any software. This is because balances will not be accurate until the end of the live week. 

Bank deposit, Eftpos, cash during live week

If any other types of payments are made during live week (eftpos, cash, bank deposit), you should add these in Xplor as of Monday of your go-live by going to Financial > add payments. Please do not record in QK.  

Help here: How to add a payment to an account

Monday of Go- Live Week 

Take attendances using Hub or Xplor Office  

Ensure your parents are signing in on the hub to take attendances, or that they are captured in the Master Roll or through Playground successfully and therefore submitted accurately and automatically to CCS on the Friday evening of Go Live Week.  

Help here: Parent sign in guide

Provide CCS Codes to your onboarding Specialist  

Your onboarding specialist will normally connect your CCS connection on Wednesday of Live week - you will need to supply several Codes found in PRODA, this can only be done by someone with management control in CCS. You will be sent instructions on how to do this.  

Help here: Providing CCS Codes from PRODA


If you have inclusion support you will need to provide some CCMS information before the second week of launching Xplor, please let your onboarding specialist know if you have ISS. If you are not sure what these are. It's best to get in touch with DESE early in your onboarding journey as they can take some time to respond.  

Wednesday of Go-Live Week 

Connect CCS  

Your onboarding specialist will connect CCS to Xplor on Wednesday. You should then check the government enrolments tab and check all enrolments for children. 

Do not submit CCS in your previous software during or after live week. 

Help here:

Checking CCS Enrolments QK Customers

Creating a new CCS Enrolment - CWA and RA

Thursday of Go-Live Week 

Parent balance transfers  - QK customers

You will be asked to pencil your bookings in QK, run a report and to input each family's balance information into a spreadsheet provided by your onboarding specialist. Specific instructions on this will be given on the day and it’s important to do this on Thursday, ready for your billing to start the following week.  

It is extremely important to quality check these balances as the transactions cannot be deleted once imported. 

Help here: Balance transfer from QK

Parent balance transfers  - customers from other softwares

Your onboarder will send you a balance sheet with all the primary carers names. You are required to input the remaining balances from your previous software into the sheet for your onboarding specialist to import against parent accounts. 

It is important to contact your previous software on the best way to get accurate balances. Likely, you will need to remove all bookings that are on your xplor live date and onwards (as these bookings are already accounted for in Xplor.

It is extremely important to quality check these balances as the transactions cannot be deleted once imported.