Inviting Contacts

What is a Contact and how does it work? 

Contacts are people nominated by the Primary Carer of a child who are authorised to sign a child in/out of the centre using the Xplor Hub on the centre's tablet within the service.

Contacts (also referred to as Authorised Nominees) added by a primary carer will be automatically added to the Contacts Tab on Office and are able to be added, edited or removed by centre administrators at the primary carers request. 

Contacts cannot log in to Home Web or Home App. They can only log into the HUB at the service using their account details.

When the Primary Carer adds a Contact, they will receive an email and should set a password to create their account. The parent will be able to see who is on their child/children's contact list/s and can revise their authorisations via the Home App.

Contacts do not have access to the Home App, they will be able to use the hub to sign the child out. 

Centre administrators are able to add these persons on a parent/guardians behalf through their Office system. Admins can also make changes to the Contacts account details and authorisations as required. Admins can also resend welcome emails and delete Contact if required.

Invite a Contact

1. As the Primary Carer, log into your Xplor Home App

2. Navigate to Account


3. Select Contact


4. Select the Child you are wanting to add a contact to


5. Press the +ADD on the top right of the screen


5. Select either Add Existing Contact or Add New Contact 


6. Fill out the Contact details


Note: the below information is required.

  • Email is required and must be in a standard format (ie
  • First name is required
  • Last name is required
  • Mobile Number
  • Authorisations

7. Once completed, select Send Invite

Screen_Shot_2022-10-07_at_1.16.04_pm.png      Screen_Shot_2022-10-07_at_12.35.09_pm.png

8. You will now be able to see the Invitee under Contacts attached to the child you selected. 


9. Done

Note: The Contact recipient has 24 hours to create their account before the email invite expires.