Resending the Welcome Email and Checking Active Parents

It's important to note that the Welcome Email will expire after 7 days. If have parents that have not set their password from the email after 7 days, you should reinvite these parents. 

Check which parents have/haven't signed up

Xplor Office > Reports > Service Reports > Active Parent Report > Preview or Download CSV

A parent should have Login Password Set = Yes

They should also have an email under the "Login Email"

Anyone that has Login Password Set = No, has not yet signed up to Xplor.

Anyone that has no email under profile email - does not have an email in their Xplor Profile, and therefore would not have received an invitation. 



Resending to Selected Parents:

  • Profiles > Parents and Guardians > tick the box next to the parents name on the left, you can select as many as you like > "Invite Parent/Guardian" button on the right-hand side of the page > Select "Selected Parents & Guardians Only". 

This will send the welcome email to all the selected parents.

Resending to All Parents that never received an email:

  • Profiles > Parents and Guardians > Status "Linked" > Click "Invite Parent/Guardian" button (right-hand side of the page) > Then Select "All Parents & Guardians".

This will ONLY work for parents that have NEVER received a welcome email before. 

If parents are not receiving the email: 
  • Check that the parent's email is saved correctly on their profile. If not, update this and try resending the email using the steps above.
  • Please let the parent know to check the junk email inbox as well. 

If you have ongoing issues please get in touch with support