Child Booking Migration / Checking the Bookings Report


What’s the process?  

Your onboarding specialist will retrieve a report from QK with your permanent bookings. Your onboarder will then send this report to you in an excel format to review.  

It is extremely important for you to read over the booking report and check the details are correct.  

How should I check the booking report? 

General check

A general check that each child's days, room and fees are correct. If there are changes, add these and highlight what you have changed on the report. 

Fees and Rooms

The fees and rooms should match exactly what is in Xplor. Your onboarder will check these and let you know if they can't match any. You will then need to find or add the correct fee/room that is in Xplor and add these to the booking report.

Alternate bookings

Check that the start date runs on the correct week for ‘alternate week’ bookings. The start date is always a Monday.  

End Date

You will need to let your onboarding know your preferred end date for the bookings. Unlike QK, Xplor requires each child’s booking pattern to have an end date. We recommend a year in advance. You can edit this date for each child whenever you like.  

Please note: only permanent bookings will be imported, if there are any extra casual sessions - you will need to add these manually in Xplor on the Master Roll after your onboarder imports the bookings.