Parent and Child migration

Data Migration - Child Parent report QK 


What’s the process? 

Once you have completed your Data Preparation in QK, your onboarding specialist will retrieve an excel report from QK and import this into Xplor.  

It is extremely important that your Data Preparation is done, otherwise information may be missing when imported and it is up to you to fill in these gaps.  

What is brought across?  

  • Child details - Name, DOB, address, cultural requirements and information
  • Medical information - practitioner, medicare, allergies, medications, diet
  • Enrolment details - CRN, Room, start date
  • Parent/Guardian details - Name, contact details, DOB, cultural details
  • Emergency contacts - Name, contact details, medical/collection/excursion nominee

What isn’t brought across? 

  • Immunisation records  
  • Enrolment forms  
  • Any additional attachments 

After your Parent and Child data has been imported  

As soon as your onboarding specialist lets you know that the Parent child data has been imported, you should quality check these and let your specialist know if anything is missing.  

The best way to check this is to export the Master CSV in Xplor. 

Profiles > Children > Export > Master CSV 

Check the following: 

  • All medical Data has been imported into the special circumstances field 
  • Each child has an enrolment start date. If any are missing, add these in the child profile in Xplor
  • Each child has a room assigned. If any are missing, add these in the child profile in Xplor

Check for missing children

Please note, only active children from QK can be imported, check for any missing children.

If any children are missing that were already in QK before the migration, it is likely because the data preparation wasn't done correctly for those children. Please add these children manually to Xplor. 


Any children that have been to QK added after this process, will also need to manually be added to Xplor by you. It is important you do this before parent onboarding week to ensure these parents are invited to Xplor.